Daemon – Another Vampire Diaries Inspired Lightsaber

Hello Everybody, I have a surprise return visit to Mystic Falls, due in part to a good friend of mine on another forum! My friend is called Dav and he too has designed a few sabers in his time (including one he actually had built called Kitsune). However Dav has problems getting pictures of his designs uploaded as his Internet connection is limited, so I offered to produce and post them for him. Dav sent me the details for a hilt and when I saw it I was reminded of my El Enna Lightsaber. I went back to the builder and modified Elena’s hilt to build this one. If I gave Elena my last design I suppose it is only fair that I gift this saber to her opposite number, Damon Salvatore…this is Daemon…

This saber has a more “masculine” look I feel but still has a gothic elegance to it, combined with the technology of a Plasma light blade of course. Both Elena’s hilt and this saber share the same switch and Dark Red leather wrap. The pommel is a small turreted “skull crusher” style, reminiscent of the maces used in medieval times, whilst the emitter has an almost castle tower-like appearance to it. I don’t know if Damon ever lived in a castle (that might be a bit too stereotypical for a stylish show like Vampire Diaries 😀 ) but the emitter looks the part and sets off the blood red blade nicely. Oh and one more detail, the switch has two silver bands..maybe representing Dalena?… A happy ever after?…I’m afraid I don’t know if that will happen or not

Trust Me They’re Coming Soon!

A side benefit of this saber is that I have discovered some more inspiration and hopefully from that I can come up with a series of “Originals” new designs! Sadly though this next series of hilts will be for upcoming posts as it is nearly daybreak and the Vampires and yours truly need to get some rest! Hopefully you enjoyed our impromptu return to Mystic Falls and you will visit FTSabersite again. Thank you for visiting today and for all of your support. Till next time.

The Vampire Diaries novels published by Harper Paperbacks, 47North and Hodder Children’s Books. The TV serial appears on CW Network and is distributed by Warner Bros. Entertainment. Trademark/©Copyright of Warner Bros. Entertainment.




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