SuperBowl Sabers – Falcons vs Patriots

Hello again, welcome to the New England Patriots’ Lightsaber…

This has been my design for the team from Gillette Stadium in Foxsborough, Massachusetts..The Patriots! Again I hope I have done them justice. The three clawed emitter stands in for the Tricorne hats seen in the Patriots’ logo. The colours run through this saber just as strongly, with the vivid red blade and the Cobalt Blue leather grip on the handle. From a distance when you look at the saber standing vertically you can almost make out the outline of a soldier with the emitter as the hat and head, the switch as the neck and the body resembling the blue coats!

Now to be fair to the Patriots and their Head Coach, Bill Belichick, the QB Tom Brady and the rest of the team (including Pat Patriot!) I wish them all the best of luck in the upcoming game!

The New England Patriots, Pat Patriot and all related names and logos are Trademark/©Copyright of The New England Patriots Football Team and The National Football League (NFL).


Thank you all for sticking with me on this mega post! I hope the fans of both teams liked my efforts and that they enjoy the match. I am going to have to end here as I need to park up my speeder and set out my picnic for the Tailgate Party! So please call back into FTSabersite after the game for my upcoming posts there are still more sabers to show to you! Thanks again and till next time.



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