SuperBowl Sabers – Falcons vs Patriots

Hello Everybody, firstly I would like to thank Rebel Chumps (YouTube Link) for contacting me regarding the saber I designed for his anniversary. I think I am safe to say he liked it, so on that positive note I will relax now and get ready for the BIG GAME later today! (I’m posting this at 00:00 GMT Sunday 5th so the game is later today). To do that may I introduce the two teams in the form of two sabers. As this may be a long post I will split the post over two pages. First up alphabetically (to avoid favouritism!) will be the Atlanta Falcons Lightsaber…

This is my design to represent the team from Atlanta, Georgia, and I hope I have done a good job. The hilt has the Falcons’ colours running all the way through it, from the Falcon claws on the emitter right down to the silver pommel cap! And just to prove I know a little bit about the game, I know the Falcons play in the NFC South. The Falcons are currently getting ready to move to a new stadium and if you look straight down the length of the saber you may be able pick out a three pointed star because the sponsors of the new stadium have a similar star as their logo!

So with that I wish Dan Quinn, the two Matts, Matt Ryan and Matt Schaub, the rest of the team and last but not least Freddie Falcon, the very best in the upcoming game!

Atlanta Falcons, Freddie Falcon and all names, logos and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Atlanta Falcons Football Team and the National Football League (NFL).

I struggled not to call Atlanta the “Millennium Falcons” all the way through this post but now may I direct you to Page 2 of this post and the New England Patriots Lightsaber!

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