Whill Power – The Weapon of a Guardian

Hello Everybody, I am going to bring you a design in the theme of “what if…?” And the question I asked myself was “If Chirrut Imwe and the Guardians of the Whills were to use the Force rather than just studying it, what type of saber would they use?” I thought I would design that weapon. A lightsaber that was both spiritual and functional, this is Whill Power…

The design is actually reminiscent of SPIRIT Lightsaber I designed for the Distant Earth Knighthood which shows that Master Medwyn’s group were a lot closer to the movies than they thought! This saber is elegant and looks serene in silver. The blue blade is the colour of the “old canon” Guardian Blue. This colour was carried by force users that were more active protectors than negotiators. The reason I chose this was the Guardians would have to use the weapon at some point, as a result the hilt’s design and look represents the symbolic, peaceful side of their character. The body has elongated inlays where I imagined ancient scripts could be engraved. And of course the saber has an FTE Emitter Pommel to house the now famous Kyber Crystals.


Oh man I am getting excited now, the BIG GAME is this Sunday which means I will have TWO sabers to bring you. One will hail from Atlanta Georgia and one will be from Foxsborough, Massachusetts. I am lucky, I have no vested interest in either team so I can relax and just enjoy the action. I do however, as a Jedi-minded individual hope the teams give of their best and whomever wins will be fully deserving. So I am afraid I’m going to have to bring this post to it’s conclusion, I have to prepare all my snacks and beverages! Thank you for checking out Whill Power and please come back again to check out the Big Game sabers and all the new designs coming up. Till next time.

“Chirrut Imwe” and the “Guardians of the Whills” and any related names or material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.

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