Quick Silver Lightsaber – Slick and Silver

Hello Everybody, I have left a message for Rebel Chumps (YouTube Link) on his channel and hopefully he will see my last design I produced for him. Today the pace quickens again as I present the silver version of Accelerant Lightsaber. This saber is hopefully equally adept at spinning and duelling as Accelerant, but has the Lightside all silver finish this time. I imagine this saber would look almost molten as it spins around in dance or combat, as such I call it….Quick Silver…

This is essentially the same saber as Accelerant, so the same design principles apply to it. I had looked at sabers from a lot of Sabersmiths (big and niche designers/builders) and there was one particular saber that was described by many as the best spinning/all-round hilt. It was the catalyst to persuade me to design this saber. It was also silver, sleek with very little in the way of decoration (called Greeblies, the extra non-functioning knobs and buttons) and a vey pronounced choke point. I tried to have those elements in this design also. I can almost see Accelerant as one that might have been lost from a space age gladiatorial arena then rediscovered eons later. Maybe I should build the weathered look version too!


I will now bring this post to a close as time is against me, I have to return to my little workshop and come up with new designs. I will also work on more Guest Galleries and some more various sports team sabers. Hopefully you will return for those and the BIG GAME sabers, it’s game time this Sunday! Thanks for calling in today to check out Quick Silver and supporting me and FTSabersite. Till next time.

(Oh and I nearly forgot to mention the SIX sabers for the upcoming March blockbuster film too, Busy, Busy, Busy am I 😀 )

“Quick Silver Lightsaber”, “For Tyeth Editions” and all designs and content (including the website itself) is ©Copyright of ForTyeth/FTSabersite 2017.


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