Rebel Chumps Lightsaber – celebrating his year in hobby!

Hello Everybody, today I have a saber I have designed for a fellow enthusiast who I have mentioned here before. That person is Rebel Chumps (formerly known as Rebel News, but for some reason he’s had a name change). Rebel Chumps produces some interesting and informative YouTube videos, and whilst watching a recent upload of his I discovered he had recently passed the one year anniversary of being in the hobby! I have had a link to his YouTube channel on my sidebar> since I started this site, but today I present two saber designs to him to celebrate his milestone. This is Rebel Chumps Lightsaber..

I have based this design on the sabers I have seen on Rebel’s channel, so the emitter is reminiscent of his Vader’s Vault Acolyte, the body is similar to the body of a Graflex lightsaber (but uses a part called the Sorcerer body) and the blade is the Lime Green colour seen on his Battle Wrapped Havoc saber. Oh, and I added an FTE Emitter-Pommel for good measure. Now I am not sure whether Rebel likes nice shiny new or old weathered beaten up sabers so I have a second gallery with a weathered version, aren’t I kind? Here it is…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Unfortunately the Virtual Builder doesn’t do justice to the old weathered parts and the details can be “lost” but I’ve posted this version anyway so he has a choice. Rebel has created and bought his own design but this is just my way of congratulating him. Hopefully you will take some time to go and check out his YouTube Channel, there is a link in the sidebar, a link at the top of this article or you can click HERE.


Well I am afraid I am going to have to bring this anniversary celebration and post to an end! I want to thank Rebel Chumps for his efforts and ask could we see a few more saber spinning videos with that awe inspiring scenery where he lives please? I also want to thank you, my viewers and followers for your visits and hope you will return for the BIG GAME sabers this weekend! Till next time.

“For Tyeth Editions” “FTE Emitter-Pommel” and all related names, designs and content (including this website) is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.


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