Accelerant Lightsaber – A Slick New Design

Hello Everybody, I am feeling better today than I was 24 hours or so ago and the reason? I used my experience to my advantage, I decided that I would use the energy to design even more new sabers. Whether that “Individual” was joking or not I don’t know so I should ignore it all, and concentrate on this site. I had a burst of adrenaline and that sparked my imagination. You could say that the events acted as a catalyst, so I have called this saber….Accelerant…

I tried to make this a capable dueller and a saber that would be suitable to perform spinning techniques (you know the “showy” behind the back stuff Anakin and Obi-Wan did, face to face in Revenge of the Sith!) For this, the saber needs to have a good balance and usually a “choke point”. The choke point is the narrow part of the hilt and helps you to have a soft grip on the saber but prevents the saber slipping out of your hand. This soft grip allows the saber to rotate more easily. But this saber can also double up as a formidable battle saber too, with enough grip section for a one or two handed grip. On top of all that, I think it looks kinda slick!


Sooo, that was the first of five new designs I have come up with in 24hrs. And as the picture above indicates there may be another FIVE coming up soon. Firstly though I have the Superbowl Saber designs to bring you. I hope you enjoyed this offering and will return for more sabers in future. Thank you for visiting and supporting FTSabersite. Till next time.

“Accelerant Lightsber” and “For Tyeth Editions” are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.


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