Warmonger Lightsaber (My complimentary gift to a friend)

Hello Everybody, I am still recovering from yesterday’s hectic events but fear not I still have a design for you to see. First however I will just tell you a little bit of news. Saberforge have recently revamped their website to make it easier ot navigate and to take advantage of all the options available. At one point there only used to be four different colour choices for your saber’s hilt  but a recent addition to the services they offer means you have a larger selection of PowderCoat colours to coat your saber with (similar to the choices you get at automotive custom shops).

Because of this I have been brushing up on my skills with Photo Editing software so I too can have custom colours for my designs. As yet Saberforge haven’t made clear exactly how their system works, i.e. can you coat a part but leave the grooves the original metal colour or does all the part get coated? When these details get ironed out I will try using the new options. I make a point of making my designs possible to build, if you have the funds etc. Some people have designed sabers using the same ASP system but have edited the pictures/designs to use parts that either don’t exist or aren’t compatible.If any extra “tweaking” of a part is needed to build my designs I always point it out in the descriptions!

So my next design is an homage to a friend’s saber. The original saber was gifted to him by two very charitable members of the forum my friend and I belong to. He calls his saber “WARLORD” so I designed a companion saber, which I call Warmonger…

I made the hilt look Sith-like but used the lighter colour sheme to match with the original inspiration, which has a Hammered finish to look antique. The emitter is an elegant piece which blends nicely to the switch section. The grip however is slightly more aggressive looking, like the fortifications atop a castle’s wall. The pommel gets even more aggressive, sometimes described as a “Skullcrusher” type. The blade is a typical Sith red.

I don’t think this saber is quite as nice as WARLORD but that saber is very special in more ways than just looks! Hopefully my friend views this as a side arm or complimentary saber to his WARLORD. You never know he may comment on this design!

I hope you liked this design and will return for future posts, I may have to post twice tomorrow but one post will be to do some housekeeping tasks regarding an award! Thanks as always for your visit and support, both are much appreciated. Till next time.

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Stitch Lightsaber -For the little blue Alien

Hello Everybody, I have had a busy day today so I apologise if I seem a bit tired! First off I had an appointment to check my Midichlorian levels (thankfully all normal). Then I had to get a meal out as I didn’t have time after my check up to go home before having to get to the cinema to see Rogue One again. Unfortunately the young lady I told you about yesterday wasn’t working and I had hoped to pass on my message personally but I will make another attempt later. When I got home after the movie (which is great even for a third time) I had to sort through my mail etc and look around the Internet to see the latest news. I also have to prepare another Blogger Recognition Award process post!

So today I am going to go back to an old design I was reminded of after watching the trailers for an upcoming animated  film. This saber is based on Experiment #626, the creation of the ruthless scientist Dr. Jumba Jookiba. #626 was a genetically engineered creature that was aggressive, strong and had only two weaknesses, he couldn’t swim and secondly, he couldn’t swim! Now technically I know that is only ONE weakness but it was so big I thought it was worth mentioning twice (sorry I’m paraphrasing a Sci-FI comedy show from the UK called Red Dwarf – it’s hilarious!). Er… back to the story, this creature was classed a failure, it’s creator was jailed by the Galactic Federation and #626 was due to be sent to a prison asteroid. But things never go according to plan when it comes to transporting alien creatures (ask Han Solo!) and especially when that alien is…. STITCH!

I tried to make this resemble the little guy as much as is possible with a lightsaber. I matched the colour scheme to the colours used by the animators, the grip representing his body colour and the blade matching his inner ears. Speaking of ears you may be able to guess which part they are. If you said the emitter with the blades you’d be correct. The only thing missing is the little nicked part though after a battle or two one might form. And there even appears to be a little face made with the round accents on the emitter and switch sections. The pommel makes up his little feet!

Stitch steals a police cruiser and ends up stranded on EARTH, but more importantly Hawaii, where he meets a Hawiian girl called Lilo who adopts him as her dog! The adventures continue with Stitch being hunted by the Galactic Authorities.Oh No, I just thought…what would happen if Maui from Moana were to meet up with Stitch? I’ve created sabers for both of them….

They’d probably fight…”Where’s Maui, I wanna duel!”

I think I had best bring this post to an end before chaos and mayhem breaks out in Hawaii and on my site. I hope you enjoyed this one and you will return for future posts. I have thought of a few more themes I can work on so there will be something to see!
Thank you for visiting and supporting FTSabersite. Till next time.

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Grace Vue Lightsaber (for an Exemplary Employee)

Hello Everybody, yesterday was a fantastic day because I had an unbelievable response to the saber, Frankly M Lightsaber (For Michaela on YouTube). I wish to thank Michaela for contacting me and the site! As a celebration, I am going to see Rogue One once more tomorrow at my local Multiplex which brings me to my next design.

I would have posted this earlier but with the hectic goings-on over the festive period and the sad news we were informed of, this post got somewhat delayed. I am going to rectify that now. I went to see Rogue One on my birthday just before Christmas and the whole experience was the best I have ever had at the cinema. Firstly it was to be my first 3D film, it was of course Rogue One I was going to see but what stood out was the staff at the Multiplex. One in particular served me and my companion and was outstanding, getting my tickets, refreshments and 3D glasses with the minimum of fuss. But this employee went further, my companion wears prescription glasses and the young lady offered us a pair of clip-on 3D specs without hesitation, we had to ask for them elsewhere! And then, when our food wasn’t quite ready, she offered to bring it over to us at our table! All of this was done with a polite, enthusiastic attitude I appreciated, so this design is for that young lady, this is Grace Vue…

The emitter reminds me of a Zoetrope, a piece of old technology used to create animated images using a pair of drums with slots cut into. Inside the drum were multiple images and when the drums rotated you could see the images flicker through the slots and appear to be moving! It also has the look of a piece of filmstrip with each window representing a frame of the film. Some people may even see the likeness of a projector! The switch section helps carry the colour scheme of the saber and the corporate colours of the Multiplex itself. I don’t endorse companies etc so won’t name the brand, but the Black, Orange and Amber colours will hopefully be recognisable to the employee (I hope to let her know about this design tomorrow.) To finish, the saber body is reminiscent of the old film cans that movies used to be transported in (yes I am showing my age, I’m old!  😀 ) This is my way to thank Grace for her efforts.

Hopefully Grace likes the design, but I’ll have to wait and see to find out. Unfortunately it is time for the curtain to fall on this post but as always I’d like to thank everyone for their support and comments and hope you will return for another showing of a new release! Till next time.

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Frankly M Lightsaber (For Michaela on YouTube)

Hello Everybody, just before Christmas I made a comment on YouTube regarding a Darth Vader Replica Lightsaber (I get around the Internet Galaxy quite a bit now 🙂 ). The channel I commented on was set up and is run by a young lady calling herself “frankly Michaela”. I congratulated her on her new lightsaber and posted some information and advice. We exchanged a few comments and I thought the chat had ended, but I just received a notification that Michaela had commented once more on the thread and loved my comments. I was pleasantly surprised, after all the hustle and bustle of the festive period Michaela took the time to respond and to like/love my contributions!

In the videos Michaela mentioned that she and her husband had an Ultrasaber which they swung around a bit in “combat”. But all I could imagine was her husband with the Ultrasaber and Michaela defenceless, as the Darth Vader replica isn’t really duel worthy! That isn’t right, so, as I am an observant fellow I picked up on a few things Michaela said in her videos and thought I could design a saber for her, so here is Frankly M…

There are elements of my Abietes Conum Lightsaber Harry Potter themed saber and a bit of Star Wars. The blade is her favourite colour and I noticed a tattoo on her finger that I thought looked a bit like the pommel which I have used. I think all these things combine (with a bit of magic) to form a saber I hope Michaela likes. I just wish I could arrange to get it built so Michaela could use it! Oh and this saber would be DUEL WORTHY!

So I’d like to thank Michaela for being so polite and if you like Myths and Magic, Art, Star Wars or Girly Girly Stuff then please go and check out her channel by clicking this link  Frankly Michaela YouTube Channel. I shall be visiting the channel regularly from now on.
Thanks to everyone for looking in on this design, I hope you will return for more in upcoming posts.

Till next time.

Rogue Pilot Lightsaber (Inspired by Bodhi Rook)

Hello Everybody, a few days ago I announced that there was going to be an arrival on this site and it has just this moment “landed” on Pad THX1138! This is a saber inspired by the Imperial-turned-Rebel cargo pilot, Bodhi Rook. Bodhi for an unknown reason decided that he wanted to do good in the universe and became acquainted with a certain Galen Erso. Bodhi was persuaded to smuggle a secret message to the Rebels on the planet of Jedha. He was apprehended by Saw Gerrera’s mercenaries and brought to Gerrera’s headquarters. There he was subjected to a mind probe by an Octopod type creature called Bor Gullet, after which he was a little discombobulated! Bodhi however still knew how to fly, and when he was brought together with Jyn Erso and her crew, Bodhi became a Rogue Pilot! So here is my new saber…Rogue Pilot…

During the time after the Clone Wars, lightsabers were illegal to own (as were Kyber Crystals) so efforts needed to be made to disguise such weapons. This was my attempt to create a disguised saber for Bodhi. There is another famous example of such a design owned by Corran Horn, who hid his weapon in the handle of a Speeder Bike, so I thought why not hide a saber in the control column of a spaceship. Perfect for a Rogue Pilot! Oh and the name for my design? Well this next picture shows a little play on words on how I named it…


I hope you liked this design, I think Bodhi would have, and he could have made use of it when he was installing cable and got a little caught up! And speaking of getting caught up I am afraid time has caught up with me and this post is nearing an end. I have to clear the landing pad at my workshop to receive more ideas for designs. I still have a few to come, so I want to thank you all for visiting today, it is appreciated, and I hope you will schedule a return visit to see more! Till next time.

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Berserker Lightsaber – A Savannah95 Design

Today, I have another design from my good friend Savannah95, and I think I might have influenced the design a little! Of course all credit goes to Savannah, this is her gem, beautifully thought through and polished. I hope you enjoy the saber called, Berserker…

Dark, brooding and deadly probably sums up Berserker nicely. The blue blade hints at this being a Jedi weapon, who knows a Jedi may have found (or defeated a Sith warrior to get it) this handle and put a Jedi Blue crystal into it. The emitter has deadly axe blades should the saber malfunction so it can continue to be used as a melee weapon! Look closely and you can see how Savannah has linked the parts cleverly. The emitter has round accents which compliment the oblong accents of the switch section, which in turn connects to the elongated grooves of the hilt body. A beautiful little detail that ties the saber parts into a whole. To finish the hilt off Savannah has employed the FTE trick of using an emitter as a pommel! And it works so well with this design.

I think I’d like to get this saber and have a pair with a design of mine you can see here called Onslaught Lighsaber FTE!

I love Savannah’s hilt and I hope you  do too. I want to thank Savannah for allowing me to share her designs here with you all. I’d like to thank you all for visiting once more (and if this is your first visit, then welcome!) and I hope you will return for more designs in upcoming posts. Don’t forget to leave comments or likes if you wish and please tell your friends about FTSabersite if you like what you’ve seen, Thanks. Till next time.

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FirePower Lightsaber (Inspired by Baze Malbus)

Hello Everybody, today we return to my Rogue One inspired hilts (yes hilts) and another of the characters that nearly stole the show! This is the friend of Chirrut Imwe and he is a brute of a man, big, strong, brave and selfless! It is Baze Malbus. Baze was Chirrut’s travelling companion, who on occasions jokingly dismissed his friend’s belief in the Force, but I think Baze may have had a small part of him that believed in it too. Baze did however have an appreciation for superior firepower as demonstrated with his backpack powered laser blaster! It was this weapon that triggered my imagination to produce these next two sabers, this is FirePower Lightsaber…

This saber represents the actual Blaster Rifle part of Baze’s weapon. The emitter is meant to look like the muzzle of a rifle with fins for the flash suppressor. The switch is just functional and hopefully looks part of the weapon. The red leather grip represents Baze’s body armour chest plate. The pommel forms the stock (or butt) of the blaster and the opening forms the socket for the connecting hose to connect the gun to the backpack part! Talking of which, this is the backpack inspired second saber of this pair!…

This second saber has an emitter that resembles the top of the canister/backpack that powers Baze’s rifle, with a ridged coupler to look like cooling fins. The body has a knurled grip section similar to that used on military equipment (and on some flashlights!). The switch and second emitter used as a pommel mimics a connector for the coupling hose mentioned above. When combined I believe these two sabers would make a formidable weapon system!

Are you still with me? That was a big post but thanks for sticking with it. I hope you enjoyed it. Between Baze and Chirrut I think they nearly stole the show. Sadly this show, or rather post, is near it’s end but before I go I’d like to thank you for visiting, I hope you will return for future posts as I have a saber for a Rebel Aviator coming soon! Till next time.

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Capricorn Lightsaber – Borommakot’s Zodiac Series

Hello Everybody, today I make a long awaited return to my friend Borommakot’s Zodiac Series of sabers. As the fans of astrology will know we are in the sign of Capricorn so this design reflects that sign! Now I will say that since Borommakot designed this hilt, Saberforge updated the pieces but I think they still work well. I will again let you decide, so may I present to you, Capricorn Lightsaber…

The forked emitter represents the horned goat’s head while the switch, body and pommel recreate the muscular look of the goat’s body. The pommel does “tail off” or tapers away, a bit like the way the body of Capricorn is crossed with a fish. To reinforce the aquatic nature of the sign, the blade is a vibrant ocean like cyan colour. This saber is one of many Borommakot has designed. If you want to see one he has designed and built for real then you may want to check out his YouTube channel. There he has unboxing videos of his lightsabers and a series on video gaming. You can find his channel by clicking this link: daftPirate’s YouTube Channel. daftPirate is Borommakot’s YouTube name, in case you were wondering!

I’d like to thank Borommakot for allowing me to display his designs here, there are more so I hope you will return to see those after visiting his channel. I want to thank you for visiting FTSabersite also and hope you will return, as there will be more of my Rogue One inspired hilts tomorrow with a special DOUBLE FEATURE offering. Till next time.

The Capricorn Lightsaber design is Copyright© 2017 of Borommakot and is used here with permission.

Mystic ForceStaff (Inspired by Chirrut Imwe)

Hello Everybody, and welcome to my first design for 2017. This design was inspired by arguably the coolest character in Rogue One. He is a follower of the Guardian of the Whills, a group of warrior monks who believed that all living things were connected through the Force. It has been stated elsewhere that this character has no Force abilities but there are a few things that betray that line of  thought. I will explain, I hope! The character is of course Chirrut Imwe, the blind spiritual staff wielding martial artist. In the film despite his blindness, Chirrut was more than capable of taking care of himself shown when he defeated several Stormtroopers using nothing but his staff and hand to hand fighting techniques. Now Chirrut may just have very highly tuned senses to compensate for his loss of sight, but if you watch the film and look very carefully you will see a special crystal in his staff. I will now present Mystic ForceStaff…

Now if you watch the scene in Rogue One on Edau, when the Rebels’ ship crash lands, you will see Chirrut holding his staff and there is a quick glimpse of the headpiece. In this metallic top there are slots and through those slots a pale blue glow can be seen and something crystal like inside! In the Expanded Universe stories, that were rejected by Disney, there was the story of Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas who carried a wooden quarterstaff. This staff was imbued with the power of the Force and even though it didn’t have a glowing blade, it could be used in combat against a Lightsaber!


Sound familiar? Ok Chirrut isn’t a Jedi Master but he has a wooden staff which could be Force enhanced, if that crystal like object is a Kyber Crystal. Once again Disney seem to have “borrowed” part of a story they at first dismissed and now decide they want back. Anyway I hope I have created a design worthy of the “Mystic Monk”, Chirrut Imwe. I apologise again but creating a wooden looking object is difficult with the parts available in the builder!

This brings me to the end of this post. Thank you so much for visiting my site and I hope you will stick around to see more new designs in my upcoming posts. Till next time.

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