Redneck Lightsaber – inspired by a tough S.O.B.

Hello Everybody, sorry for the aggressive sounding title, but my ire has been raised recently and I need to let off a little steam! I hope you feel as though you know me by now and realise I am friendly guy and tell things as they are. Elsewhere on the net the origins of my designs has been questioned. However I need to address that at the source and not here so I am posting this design inspired by a person who didn’t take kindly to such nonsense. He was a multiple time World Heavyweight Wrestling champion and even completed a match AFTER breaking his neck! He is also famous for a very special quote and liked to make his entrances to matches by riding to the ring on a Quad-bike. He was known as a “Rattlesnake” but he was also called…REDNECK..

Yes of course I am talking about STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN (What?), the WWE wrestler. Steve Austin started out back in the day as Steve Williams, his real name, but found another wrestler used that name. Steve instead adopted the name “Stunning Steve” due to his striking blonde hair. After time however Steve needed to change his image, become a more intense, no-nonsense character. He and his wife were discussing new names and drinking tea, then the immortal name was born. Steve was handed a fresh cup of tea but it wasn’t to his liking and he blurted out, “I’m not drinking this! IT’S STONE COLD!” And so the name Stone Cold Steve Austin was born, along with a new bald head and Attitude. I tried to capture some of that attitude in my design and made the saber look like the handlebar of the now famous Quad-bike seen in the last picture. The colour scheme is monochrome, black, white and grey reflecting Austin’s wrestling attire (black trunks and boots, leather waistcoat/gilet).


I am closing in on the final bell and will have to end soon but I couldn’t leave without referring to that famous quote, “Steve Austin’s time has come, and when I get the shot, you’re lookin’ at the next WWF Champion, and that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so! !” There was another section to this quote but the language was a bit colourful!  I am not aggressive like that but I will defend myself if I need to.

To you my friends, however, I wish to thank you for your support, visits and in some cases help you have given me. I will continue to produce new designs and ideas and post them here for you. Till next time.

Stone Cold Steve Austin, “Because Stone Cold…Said So!” and all other related names, catchphrases and material is Trademark/©Copyright of WWe – World Wrestling Entertainment/Titan Sports.

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