Deckard Lightsaber -A Blade Runner’s Weapon

Hello Everybody, today I present the design I came up with for Harrison Ford’s character, the Blade Runner, Rick Deckard. Having created Replicant’s Tear for Rutger Hauer’s character, Roy Batty I felt the law maker needed a saber to even the odds. Usually Runners used a gun to “retire” Replicants but this is a site dedicated to Lightsabers so here is the saber for the Blade Runner…Deckard…

I gave the saber an Indigo blade to make it stand out from the rest. There is something about Indigo that makes it contrast nicely with the dark hilt’s body. And Deckard stood out as a Blade Runner. The saber shares the ribbed section similar to Replicant’s Tear, but only covers half of the hilt. I did this to represent the ambiguity over whether Deckard himself was a Replicant sent to hunt down Roy Batty and his gang. Is Deckard a Replicant and that is represented by the ribbed section, or is he human, as represented by the non ribbed body? There has been many discussions ever since the film released in 1982 but nothing definitive has been agreed, even between the film’s star Harrison Ford and the Director, Ridley Scott…

Sooo, maybe, maybe not..but a Replicant would say that wouldn’t he? I will, as always let you decide. Sometimes having a lingering, unanswered question just keeps you interested and opens up possible stories for sequels. Well we have that sequel coming up in October 2017 so we may have answers then.

I am about to drive off into the countryside just like Deckard and Rachael did at the end of Blade Runner as I bring this post to an end. But first I want to thank you for checking this saber out (and the other two in the series) and for visiting FTSabersite. Your support and visits are appreciated and I hope you will return to see more designs coming up. There are my new SuperBowl inspired hilts and a set of SIX (yes six) sabers for another blockbuster due out in March! Till next time.

Blade Runner (1982), Rick Deckard, Roy Batty and all related names, logos and material are Trademark/©Copyright of The Ladd Company, Shaw Brothers and the Blade Runner Partnership. Distributed by Warner Bros. The YouTube video interview of Harrison Ford is ©Copyright of the American Film Institute (AFI).

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