Chinese New Year Saberstaff – 新年快乐

Hello Everybody, firstly I need to apologise this post is a few hours late, but I have just returned from a night out of entertainment. I was surprised with a gift of a ticket for a rock concert and I have to say the show was fantastic. But I realise a lot of people in Asia and around the world will be celebrating the Lunar New Year/Chinese New Year so I am presenting to you today a saberstaff design I made last year to celebrate the festive time.

This staff I designed to look like the famous lanterns that are released during the celebrations. The emitters and switches represent the lanterns at each end of the staff. The colour scheme I chose match with the lucky colours of the time of year, a deep red and golden yellow (red leather grips and amber blades). The Red Envelope is just my way of wishing you all a prosperous new year (I’m sorry I can’t physically send out real envelopes but the thought is there!)


I am afraid I am going to have to bring this post to an inevitable end, I have to go type up tomorrow’s post ready for a few hours time! For now I really hope you all get to celebrate and have a great time but remember be safe. I would be honoured if you would return to see more of my designs in upcoming posts (Superbowl Sabers and there seems to be some very multi-coloured sabers on the way). Thank you for visiting today and your support. Till next time.

Chinese New Year Saberstaff and For Tyeth Editions are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite.


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