Replicant’s Tear Lightsaber (Inspired by Roy Batty in Blade Runner)

Hello Everybody, today is the day I bring to you the much teased design inspired by one of the greatest Sci-Fi movies of all time. It is a weapon I designed for the character portrayed by Rutger Hauer, the Replicant, Roy Batty. Roy Batty was an android who was designed and built to perform the dangerous and menial tasks humans couldn’t or wouldn’t do. He, along with a group of other Replicants broke their programing and attained a sense of their mortality. They realised that they wanted “life” and escaped from a mining colony, fleeing to Earth to try and fulfil this wish. The authorities dispatched a special team of detectives called Blade Runners, to apprehend them and end their existence. The film documents the struggle between the gang of Replicants and the Blade Runner, Rick Deckard, and ends with a heart wrenching climax between Batty and Deckard…and the immortal words that inspired this design.

I call this saber…Replicant’s Tear…

The saber has a rough and aggressive look as it was probably built from scavenged parts found whilst the Replicants were on the run. Roy Batty’s higher intelligence does however show up in the design with the FTE Pommel type device to make the weapon more powerful. The blade and the pommel both glow a pure white colour, signifying the Replicant’s hope for life. The colour also represents the White Dove that Roy Batty held and petted during the film. Some people believe that the dove symbolises the “soul” of Batty and the Replicant’s hopes. In the final fight scene between Deckard and Batty, the Replicant gains the upper hand when Deckard is left hanging precariously from a rooftop. Deckard is about to fall…when Batty catches the Blade Runner, saving his life then delivers this most memorable speech…

Tears in rain, a Replicant’s Tear. I realised that everybody has that nagging question at the back our minds, of how long we have to live. Connected to that is the question of how we will be remembered when we are washed away by the rain of time. I would be happy if I knew I had done the best I could have, and if somehow, anything that I may have done had a positive effect on someone else’s life, that’s probably all I could ask for. I think Roy Batty realised this and made the ultimate difference in Rick Deckards life thus proving his love for life.

I am nearing the end of this post but first I would like to thank the YouTube user Canale di DMFan79, as I linked to the video on their channel. I want to thank you, my viewers and followers, for your continued support. I hope you will return for more new designs including the saber I have designed for Rick Deckard, the Superbowl Sabers and a whole lot more. Till next time.

Blade Runner, Roy Batty, Replicants and all images, names and material including the video footage is Trademark/©Copyright of The Ladd Company, Shaw Brothers and the Blade Runner Partnership. Distributed by Warner Bros.

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