Denver Broncos Lightsaber (For Tyeth Sport Series)

Hello Everybody, to mix things up I am returning to my sports series and another NFL team saber. This time we visit the rarefied air up at a Mile High. You may have guessed who the team is but if not their mascots are called Thunder and Miles. Yes I am referring to the AFC West Denver Broncos! This team has a legendary Quarterback as their General Manager, John Elway. This man is one of only two players ever to score running TD’s in four separate Superbowls, and he is the only Quarterback to do so! He played all of his career at Denver and the famous Mile High Stadium (now known as Sports Authority Field at Mile High). A rich history indeed, but I now have to present my design to you, so here is Denver Broncos Lightsaber…

I think this is a thoroughbred stallion of a saber! I chose parts that were muscular in appearance and that shared the teams colours. The blade is the crowning glory, matching the mane of the team’s logo. The body is the same blue as the uniforms. The emitter is a nod to the style of play of the Broncos back when Elway was playing. The emitter has three claws and this represents the types of play, Throwing Plays, Running Plays and a third type of play…Scrambling (though not technically seen as one!) Mr Elway was quite famous for being a mobile player, getting valuable yardage when other options were closed off.


As always time has beaten me and I need to bring an end to this post, one day I might have to think about introducing an Extra Time Period! But for today I’d like to thank you for looking in on this design. I hope you will return, as you may have seen the advert above for the BIG GAME sabers I have designed which are “coming soon” and I also have the remaining Blade Runner inspired hilts to come! Till next time.

“Denver Broncos”, “Thunder and Miles”, “Mile High Stadium” and all related names, logos and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Denver Broncos Football Team. “AFC”, “Superbowl” and “NFL” are Trademarks/©Copyright of the National Football League.


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