Cincinnati Bengals Lightaber (For Tyeth’s Sports Series)

Hello Everybody, I bring you another more conventional Earth bound sporting design today and if you are a fan of  Who Dey, you may be in for a treat! Yes this saber has been designed to represent the Cincinnati Bengals NFL team. Again I admit I don’t know a great deal about the team from Ohio but I do know they play at Paul Brown Stadium and that their QB was just named in the AFC Pro Bowl roster (that’s Andy Dalton the Quarterback, see I’m learning  😀 ). So this design hopefully represents the team, I’ll let you decide as I present Bengals Lightsaber…

The saber shares the same colour scheme as the Bengals team and I think there are a few Tiger-like details. The blade is Bengal orange (the colour is actually called Blood Orange in the virtual builder) and highlights the forked emitter. The emitter reminds me of both the claws and maybe more importantly the canine teeth of a Bengal Tiger. I can imagine a Running Back with the ball tucked away under one arm and this saber in his other hand cutting through the opponent’s “D” fence. Then Andy Dalton throwing a laser guided ball into the end zone for the TD. Ok back to the saber, I would have included a few striped elements but felt that may have been a bit overkill, so I settled with the configuration I finished with, a saber with lines that look like a leaping tiger.


Once more we have come to the end of the fourth quarter and the end of this post! Before I go I want to thank you all for your support and visits, the site has broken the 2400 views mark, so thank you so much! I would be honoured if you would return for my upcoming posts as my designs based on an upcoming sci-fi sequel (as another hint the film is due out in Oct 2017) are just being polished ready for show! Till next time.

“Cincinnati Bengals”, “Who Dey”, the “Paul Brown Stadium” and all related names, logos and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Cincinnati Bengals Football Team. The “AFC”, “Pro Bowl” and “NFL” are Trademark/©Copyright of The National Football League.

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