The Mariner Lightsaber

Hello Everyone, today I present one of the sporting themed sabers I mentioned yesterday and I start with a team with a very unusual claim to fame. This team nicknamed the Mariners are one of the oldest teams in England and has one of the oldest stadium stands in the league. The team is Grimsby Town Football Club (GTFC). During the nineties Grimsby Town had a famous run of form and gained promotion from the lower divisions. This meant they had to travel to London and the home of English Football, Wembley Stadium, to play in the promotion deciding matches. The supporters came out in force and had some rather strange mascots. The mascots were inflatable fish called “Harry Haddock”, a reference to the fact Grimsby was once the premier Frozen Fish Dock in the world. So here is the saber I designed, The Mariner…

The Mariners wear a kit/uniform of a shirt with black and white stripes, black shorts and the whole kit has red trim and accents. I attempted to recreate the stripes using couplers to create the body instead of a dedicated body part. The FTE pommel allows me to incorporate the red colour used to trim the uniform.

Grimsby Town Football Club 2016/17 kit (Copyright GTFC)

This has been The Mariner Lightsaber and a few facts about the team. These facts aren’t however the biggest claim to fame the team have, this is…. Grimsby Town Football Club have never played a Home Game! It’s true, Grimsby’s stadium called Blundell Park is situated in the neighbouring town of Cleethorpes, albeit only by 400 metres. This means Grimsby have never played a match in their home town. There are plans to build a new stadium within the town boundaries but that’s for the future.


Speaking of the future, it’s that time again where I have to blow the final whistle on this post. I hope you enjoyed this design and bit of trivia, and will return for more designs I have upcoming, including a new series of FIVE sabers inspired by a new movie due out in March 2017! Thank you for your visit today. Till next time.

The Mariners, Blundell Park, GTFC and all names, images and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Grimsby Town Football Club.






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