Emerald Fury Katana – for Eddlyss64

Hello Everybody, I have a special treat for one of my long time friends and contributor to this website. As the title reveals I am talking about my Padawan, Eddlyss64 or as he is now known, Master Eddlyss Arceane. Followers of this site will recall Master Eddlyss’ Lego Bionicle inspired staff weapons, such as Staff of Disintegration and Turahk’s Staff of Fear. As a thank you I have designed a saber for him (he doesn’t know this but will when he reads this 😀 !). Master Eddlyss is a fan of the Japanese Anime show “One Piece” and it’s most famous character, Roronoa Zoro, a swordsman famous for using not one, not two….but three sabers. Zoro held a saber in each hand and a third in his teeth. Master Eddlyss designed a small saber called a Shoto to hold in his teeth which I really liked. I also thought one of my new Katana designs would look good with his Shoto so here are two galleries, first up is Master Eddlyss’ shoto, Emerald Fury…

Master Eddlyss chose these parts to make the saber compact and the body above the switch is narrow to make biting it easier! The thing is the parts he used work really well together! Now I would like to present my “gift” to Master Eddlyss, this is Emerald Fury Katana…

That was Emerald Fury Katana, you could say an extension of Master Eddlyss’ initial design. I think they would look good together either in combat or on a traditional Japanese saber stand! I hope my good friend likes this design and I’d like to thank him for his help, support and friendship over this past year.

I hope you enjoyed this design too and will return for my upcoming posts, I have a pair of sabers ready for a long awaited sci-fi movie sequel and a set of FIVE sabers for a blockbuster due out in March! Thank you for looking in today, your support is much appreciated. Till next time.

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  1. Though that wasn’t the original intention for this saber-shoto, its design certainly makes sense for such a use! I am a fan of the Emerald Fury Katana, it very much captures the essence of the original saber in question. I’m honored that you appreciate my friendship to this day!

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