Akuto One – A Star Wars Story Inspired Lightsaber

Hello Everybody, I have had another flash of inspiration after the comment I made at the end of yesterday’s post. I recalled some of the behind the scenes influences that shaped both the Lightsaber duelling techniques and the costume of Darth Vader. The real life sword fighting technique was Kendo and the Samurai Warrior armour influenced Vader’s outfit. And as a certain Dark Lord of the Sith made a return to the big screen recently in Rogue One (in a very special scene where we see how powerful he was!) I decided to create a Katana that fuses the character of Darth Vader, the film Rogue One and Katana style lightsabers, this is Akuto One…

This katana has the gloss black body that represents Vader’s armour and life support equipment. The blade is red to illustrate the strength and power the Empire and Vader had in the film (plus red is a Sith colour!). Whilst taking the pictures to post in the gallery I noticed that the in-built “camera” of the virtual builder focused in on certain pieces of the saber depending on which piece is highlighted. I also noticed that certain angles showed that the hilt was hollow (the builder only designs the hilt and not the electronic parts inside). This meant you could look inside through the open end of the pommel so I found a way of blocking that hole up with a blade plug. This isn’t the normal configuration and isn’t normally possible with the parts available without modifications being made. Using a blade plug in the pommel does, however, give it a distinct look! The name of the design is Akuto One or when translated, Rogue One!


I hope you enjoyed this design, another little twist on the traditional Katana, and who knows I may even be able to persuade some of the doubters that lightsaber katana swords can be part of the Star Wars Universe with this hilt. I also hope you will return to see more new designs in upcoming posts. Thanks again for visiting it means a lot to me and I have discovered people are now linking to FTSabersite from Social Media so thank you for that! Till next time.

Rogue One A Star Wars Story, Darth Vader and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.


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