Ume No Hana – Plum Blossom Katana Lightsaber

Hello Everybody, apologies for my late posting but I was recalled to my local medical facilities to have some test results  rechecked (the doctors couldn’t believe how powerful I was 😀 ). It does mean I am slightly behind schedule but fear not I have my third Katana design to finish my collection. I may work on a few other variations in future as I have developed an interest in the naming conventions for some of the genuine Japanese Katana hilts and want to study them more in depth. But for now here is the third design, this is Ume No Hana….Plum Blossom…

Here I tried to return to a traditional look (still no Ito wrap, I know, sorry 😦  ). However I think the silver and black provides a nice contrast and sets off the blade. There has been quite a bit of debate on the forum belonging to the company that has just released a “Tournament Ready” Katana style hilt and there was discussion as to whether Katana were really suitable for the Galaxy Far, Far Away but I think they work ok. If you look at Darth Vader’s armour it is reminiscent of traditional Japanese Samurai armour and their flared helmets. The style of sword combat that lightsaber duels were based on for the original trilogy of films was Kendo, so Katana type hilts shouldn’t seem so far fetched.

Anyhow, I am an equal opportunity type designer and I try to appreciate inspirations from all walks of life (and from other planets, races and species!) and will do my best to design a wide range of hilts. At the last count I think I had around 300 so I should still have a few more to display here. I hope you enjoy them and will return to see more in my upcoming posts Thanks for visiting and giving your support. Till next time.

“Ume No Hana Katana Lightsaber” (Plum Blossom), “For Tyeth Editions” and this website and contents are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.


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