Sasayaki Shi – Whispered Death Lightsaber

Hello Everybody, Wow I must have the ability to see Force Premonitions! I say this as Saberforge has just announced a set of three Katana style sabers that they hope people will use in tournaments here on Earth. The new sabers were displayed on their site about 36 hrs ago. Well I think I beat them to the punch when I posted my first design Cherry Blossom Katana Lightsaber, though they are different. So, this is my second Katana styled hilt and following on from the theme of DeathTroopers yesterday, this one is similarly deathly! As the title says this is Sasayaki Shi – Whispered Death…

Again this saber design is missing the traditional Ito wrapping on the hilt handles as the builder doesn’t offer that option but I still like how this turned out. The emitter has the Jedi symbol though this weapon may belong to a Force user who flirts between the light and dark. The design has three main parts, one emitter and two hand grips in gloss black. The parts are connected with an aluminium coloured coupler and switch section which give the hilt it’s little bit of contrast. Now this Katana (and my other two designs) can be shortened by removing one of the hand grips. This was part of my original idea for them so they could be concealed or used in confined spaces (useful for an assassin!). The blade has an amber colour signifying the owner is neither Jedi or Sith.

For the more traditional Katana fans you may like to check out my Kubo Inspired Katana Lightsaber “Glowing Edge” which I designed a while back.

I hope you like Sasayaki Shi, and as a surprise I may have a fourth design to add to the Katana stable from a Guest Designer, I just have to get his permission to use it here. That shouldn’t be a problem as he is a friend of mine and FTSabersite. And to you my friends, I am afraid that the time has come where I have to bring proceedings to an end. Thank you for your continued support and taking the time to visit, please call in again for more designs in my upcoming posts. And if you like what you see here remember to tell your friends. Till next time.

“Sasayaki Shi – Whispered Death Lightsaber”, “For Tyeth Editions” and all material including this website are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

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