Elite Shadow Saber (Inspired by the Imperial DeathTroopers)

Hello Everybody, I have a new saber for the newest rank of StormTrooper, the DeathTrooper. DeathTroopers accompanied Director Krennic when he travels to the planet of Lah’mu to persuade Galen Erso to help the Empire by working on the Death Star weapons systems. They communicate using a squeaky, buzzing, clicking type of language, probably to help them understand each other without their opponents knowing their intentions. They seem to only carry what they need to accomplish their mission and wear  glossy black body armour and elongated masked helmets. This look makes them appear like shadowy apparitions, they are the Elite Shadow…

The emitter has a similar elongated look as the helmets the DeathTroopers wear but is also enhanced by an evil red glow from the two windows (and the blade itself extending from the forked opening). The switch is functional and looks like the armour casing of the arms, legs and body. The grip is the diamond cut military style handle I used for the Phasma-FTE Lightsaber but this time the hilt is coated in a tactical black finish. The pommel is a low profile style, nothing too busy, business like.


This is the DeathTrooper and as you can see they have a long rifle type weapon and just for fun I decided to try and replicate that weapon in the builder! So here is a little bonus gallery for the rifle..

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As a disclaimer there are some parts used in positions that would require modification so the rifle isn’t really a proper design, I just thought I’d share it with you all!

Well this just about brings me to the end of this post, I think the saber looks ok, I’m not 100% certain about the “Rifle” as the builder isn’t really designed to build guns. I do try to push the boundaries however.

I’d like to thank you for your visit today and for supporting FTSabersite and please come back for future posts, I still have the two remaining Katana style sabers and some more great designs from my Guest Designer friends! Till next time.

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