Stardust Lightsaber – Inspired by Galen Erso

Hello Everybody, today I return to the Galaxy far away and the film Rogue One. I have designed sabers for Chirrut Imwe, Baze MalbusGrand Moff Tarkin and even K-2S0, but today I complete a connection between Father and Daughter. The daughter is Jyn Erso the heroine of the Rogue One team of Rebels and her father is Galen Erso, who bravely made a difficult decision to send Jyn to safety and may have provided the spark of “Hope” the Rebellion needs against the Death Star. Despite being separated Galen’s love for his daughter always glimmered, a twinkle at the back of his mind like a sprinkling of ….Stardust….

This saber has a slight Imperial feel to it and looks similarly elegant, like my Grand Moff Tarkin design. The hilt has an Imperial grey leather grip and the emitter is a basic standard style in keeping with military issue parts. However this saber does have some sentimental touches to it. The first is the three silver rings around the saber between the pommel and grip. These represent Galen’s family…himself, his wife Lyra and his daughter, Jyn. The second is the FTE (For The  Ersoes) pommel that shines out as a reminder to him to stay strong during the difficult times and indicates the “Hope” he offers to the Rebellion. It is also reminds him of his daughter as it appears to contain real Stardust.

Galen Erso was a talented scientist and designer and I hope that I have created something he may have approved of. I also hope you liked this saber. I will have more designs coming up in future posts including the other Katana styled creations I introduced yesterday. But for now I wish to say thank you for your support and taking time to check out this saber. Till next time.

Galen, Jyn and Lyra Erso along with all related names and material are Trademark/Copyright© of Disney/Lucasfilm.


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