Cherry Blossom Katana Lightsaber

みなさんこんにちは…..(Minasan kon’nichiwa)

Hello Everybody, I hope my little attempt at Japanese worked and I haven’t offended anyone if I got it wrong (I used Google Translate). But this intro is a bit of a hint to the inspiration for my next design. I will say I am slightly worried about this lightsaber as it developed from the Cherrycola22 Lightsaber – For Kiki I posted. In the comments on that post Abby and Kiki were talking about the possibility of having “accidents” with their sabers. Well I hope I managed to instil the importance of responsibility while using these lightsabers as this new design is even more potent.

Yes, this design is based on a Japanese Katana sword and uses the same colour scheme as Kiki’s saber. I don’t make many Katana style designs but I now have three that have sprung to life. This is the first of those three and I call it…桜の花   Sakura no hana…Cherry Blossom…

The katana parts in the virtual builder don’t have the famous woven grips (called Ito wrapping) but are available. I used the emitter part with a hand guard (called a Tsuba) which is decorated with a Jedi symbol. The rest of the saber echoes Kiki’s with two Cherry Red leather wrapped bodies and silver accents on the switch and pommel. The blade this time represents the beautiful shades of pink that Cherry Blossom is famous for.

I am actually quite pleased how this design turned out. And it developed after I had created Kiki’s saber and visited her site (link HERE). Kiki welcomes all her viewers with the  Japanese word Kon’nichiwa, and that coupled with the Cherry theme triggered the idea of a Japanese themed Katana named Cherry Blossom.

I hope I didn’t offend anyone and that you enjoyed this design, I enjoyed creating it as it took me out of my comfort zone, by doing something different. Thank you for visiting and please come back for more new designs in future posts. Till next time.

The “For Tyeth Editions” name and lightsaber designs, website and all other material on FTSabersite are Copyright© of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

5 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom Katana Lightsaber”

  1. See Kiki you now have a babyproofed one!!! XD I’m so sorry… I couldn’t help saying that. Hahahahaha. I’m sorry, don’t kill me.

  2. Hello Abby, I haven’t given this design to anybody, you both have the original sabers I designed for you. Both Fangirl and Cherrycola22 are equal in power and tehcnology…they are just in different casings!

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