Cherrycola22 Lightsaber – For Kiki

Hello Everybody, well after the Blogger Award business yesterday I return to my scheduled posts! I’d like to thank Abby for the nomination, it’s nice to know I am making a difference somewhere in the galaxy, however small! Regarding thanks, I have a new design for a friend of Abby’s who has commented on FTSabersite before. This person is called Kiki, and also blogs about the adventures of her “family” of dolls, like Abby does. I named Kiki as a nominee in my post yesterday but I discovered that she may have been nominated for the same award 15 times already! Upon this discovery I posted a comment on her site Kiki – Through The Looking Glass but told her she didn’t have to go through the process of being chosen for my benefit.

As a congratulation for your popularity and efforts, Kiki, I have come up with this design for you. Sorry it took so long for me to get round to it, but here is Cherrycola22 Lightsaber…

This saber is, I think a nice looking saber for a beginner (or at least I think Kiki is a beginner!). The saber has a Cherry Red leather grip on a black body to make it stand out or POP! The black also helps to contrast the silver accents on the switch and pommel. The pommel from certain angles looks like a pop/soda bottle screw top cap. At the business end of the saber, the blade is a shade of pink, which reminds me of the frothy bubbles on the top of a glass of the Cherry flavoured drink! (Just so folks don’t think I’m endorsing a particular company, other brands are available! 😀 ).

I hope Kiki likes her new saber, now she and Abby can have intergalactic adventures together with “For Tyeth Edition” lightsabers to protect themselves with! I wasn’t sure what to call your saber so if you come up with a better name Kiki, let me know and I can update it! Also you can check out Kiki’s site by clicking the link above ^^ or the one here: Kiki – Through The Looking Glass.

So the glass of Cherrycola is nearly empty as is the glass of time! I have to bring this post to an end but as always I’d like to thank all of you for taking time to check out my site, leaving comments and supporting FTSabersite. It means a lot to me and I hope you will return for more designs in future posts. Till next time.

“For Tyeth Edition” collection saber designs including “Cherrycola22” are Copyright© 2017 of For Tyeth/FTSabersite.


11 thoughts on “Cherrycola22 Lightsaber – For Kiki”

  1. Now Younglings! We use our sabers only for defence alright? No decapitations….No lost hands….Lightsabers are from a more civilized age for civilized people. I don’t want to lose any friends now. Thanks.


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