Blogger Recognition Award (I have been Nominated)

WOW! Hello Everybody, sorry to make you jump, but for a second time in five months I have been nominated for a blogging award. I have been nominated by the same person who honoured me with my last nomination. The young lady by the name of Abby. You may remember her as the Fangirl, for whom I designed a saber after posting a comment on one of her blogs, Within five minutes of submitting my comment about Rogue One, Abby had replied, liked my comment and visited FTSabersite…and posted a comment here! It was this enthusiasm that prompted me to design her a saber. I’m not sure if she wants another saber or just likes watching me work on Nomination Posts!

Well, to fulfil the rules of the award there are a few things I need to do!

THE RULES: courtesy of Julia ( and now Abby!

Oh…and copy and paste.

•Thank that awesome nominator! And give a link to their blog(S)

•Write a post about this award

•Give a short bit about how/why your started your website

•Give two bits of advice for bloggers.

•Nominate 15 bloggers (Might be a bit short of these, I’m still beginning and need to read more!)

•Tell those 15 bloggers via comment! (I can manage this bit, for the few I nominees I have!)

Continued on next page….


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