Warmonger Lightsaber (My complimentary gift to a friend)

Hello Everybody, I am still recovering from yesterday’s hectic events but fear not I still have a design for you to see. First however I will just tell you a little bit of news. Saberforge have recently revamped their website to make it easier ot navigate and to take advantage of all the options available. At one point there only used to be four different colour choices for your saber’s hilt  but a recent addition to the services they offer means you have a larger selection of PowderCoat colours to coat your saber with (similar to the choices you get at automotive custom shops).

Because of this I have been brushing up on my skills with Photo Editing software so I too can have custom colours for my designs. As yet Saberforge haven’t made clear exactly how their system works, i.e. can you coat a part but leave the grooves the original metal colour or does all the part get coated? When these details get ironed out I will try using the new options. I make a point of making my designs possible to build, if you have the funds etc. Some people have designed sabers using the same ASP system but have edited the pictures/designs to use parts that either don’t exist or aren’t compatible.If any extra “tweaking” of a part is needed to build my designs I always point it out in the descriptions!

So my next design is an homage to a friend’s saber. The original saber was gifted to him by two very charitable members of the forum my friend and I belong to. He calls his saber “WARLORD” so I designed a companion saber, which I call Warmonger…

I made the hilt look Sith-like but used the lighter colour sheme to match with the original inspiration, which has a Hammered finish to look antique. The emitter is an elegant piece which blends nicely to the switch section. The grip however is slightly more aggressive looking, like the fortifications atop a castle’s wall. The pommel gets even more aggressive, sometimes described as a “Skullcrusher” type. The blade is a typical Sith red.

I don’t think this saber is quite as nice as WARLORD but that saber is very special in more ways than just looks! Hopefully my friend views this as a side arm or complimentary saber to his WARLORD. You never know he may comment on this design!

I hope you liked this design and will return for future posts, I may have to post twice tomorrow but one post will be to do some housekeeping tasks regarding an award! Thanks as always for your visit and support, both are much appreciated. Till next time.

For Tyeth Editions and designs contained within this website are Copyright© of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017. Guest Designer designs used with permission and are Copyright© 2017 of the respective Guest Designer.


2 thoughts on “Warmonger Lightsaber (My complimentary gift to a friend)”

  1. Hey For.

    The Warlord was “Acid weathered”. Something that SaberForge didn’t offer until after mine was done. Odd.

    Nice design though. Thanks.

  2. You’re welcome, as I mentioned in my PM to you it was long overdue. You have given great advice, feedback and opinions (not to mention support!) to me and the site, so it is I that should be saying Thank You.

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