Stitch Lightsaber -For the little blue Alien

Hello Everybody, I have had a busy day today so I apologise if I seem a bit tired! First off I had an appointment to check my Midichlorian levels (thankfully all normal). Then I had to get a meal out as I didn’t have time after my check up to go home before having to get to the cinema to see Rogue One again. Unfortunately the young lady I told you about yesterday wasn’t working and I had hoped to pass on my message personally but I will make another attempt later. When I got home after the movie (which is great even for a third time) I had to sort through my mail etc and look around the Internet to see the latest news. I also have to prepare another Blogger Recognition Award process post!

So today I am going to go back to an old design I was reminded of after watching the trailers for an upcoming animated  film. This saber is based on Experiment #626, the creation of the ruthless scientist Dr. Jumba Jookiba. #626 was a genetically engineered creature that was aggressive, strong and had only two weaknesses, he couldn’t swim and secondly, he couldn’t swim! Now technically I know that is only ONE weakness but it was so big I thought it was worth mentioning twice (sorry I’m paraphrasing a Sci-FI comedy show from the UK called Red Dwarf – it’s hilarious!). Er… back to the story, this creature was classed a failure, it’s creator was jailed by the Galactic Federation and #626 was due to be sent to a prison asteroid. But things never go according to plan when it comes to transporting alien creatures (ask Han Solo!) and especially when that alien is…. STITCH!

I tried to make this resemble the little guy as much as is possible with a lightsaber. I matched the colour scheme to the colours used by the animators, the grip representing his body colour and the blade matching his inner ears. Speaking of ears you may be able to guess which part they are. If you said the emitter with the blades you’d be correct. The only thing missing is the little nicked part though after a battle or two one might form. And there even appears to be a little face made with the round accents on the emitter and switch sections. The pommel makes up his little feet!

Stitch steals a police cruiser and ends up stranded on EARTH, but more importantly Hawaii, where he meets a Hawiian girl called Lilo who adopts him as her dog! The adventures continue with Stitch being hunted by the Galactic Authorities.Oh No, I just thought…what would happen if Maui from Moana were to meet up with Stitch? I’ve created sabers for both of them….

They’d probably fight…”Where’s Maui, I wanna duel!”

I think I had best bring this post to an end before chaos and mayhem breaks out in Hawaii and on my site. I hope you enjoyed this one and you will return for future posts. I have thought of a few more themes I can work on so there will be something to see!
Thank you for visiting and supporting FTSabersite. Till next time.

Stitch, Lilo,  Dr. Jumba Jookiba and all related names and material are Trademark/Copyright© of Disney Animations.

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