Grace Vue Lightsaber (for an Exemplary Employee)

Hello Everybody, yesterday was a fantastic day because I had an unbelievable response to the saber, Frankly M Lightsaber (For Michaela on YouTube). I wish to thank Michaela for contacting me and the site! As a celebration, I am going to see Rogue One once more tomorrow at my local Multiplex which brings me to my next design.

I would have posted this earlier but with the hectic goings-on over the festive period and the sad news we were informed of, this post got somewhat delayed. I am going to rectify that now. I went to see Rogue One on my birthday just before Christmas and the whole experience was the best I have ever had at the cinema. Firstly it was to be my first 3D film, it was of course Rogue One I was going to see but what stood out was the staff at the Multiplex. One in particular served me and my companion and was outstanding, getting my tickets, refreshments and 3D glasses with the minimum of fuss. But this employee went further, my companion wears prescription glasses and the young lady offered us a pair of clip-on 3D specs without hesitation, we had to ask for them elsewhere! And then, when our food wasn’t quite ready, she offered to bring it over to us at our table! All of this was done with a polite, enthusiastic attitude I appreciated, so this design is for that young lady, this is Grace Vue…

The emitter reminds me of a Zoetrope, a piece of old technology used to create animated images using a pair of drums with slots cut into. Inside the drum were multiple images and when the drums rotated you could see the images flicker through the slots and appear to be moving! It also has the look of a piece of filmstrip with each window representing a frame of the film. Some people may even see the likeness of a projector! The switch section helps carry the colour scheme of the saber and the corporate colours of the Multiplex itself. I don’t endorse companies etc so won’t name the brand, but the Black, Orange and Amber colours will hopefully be recognisable to the employee (I hope to let her know about this design tomorrow.) To finish, the saber body is reminiscent of the old film cans that movies used to be transported in (yes I am showing my age, I’m old!  😀 ) This is my way to thank Grace for her efforts.

Hopefully Grace likes the design, but I’ll have to wait and see to find out. Unfortunately it is time for the curtain to fall on this post but as always I’d like to thank everyone for their support and comments and hope you will return for another showing of a new release! Till next time.

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