Rogue Pilot Lightsaber (Inspired by Bodhi Rook)

Hello Everybody, a few days ago I announced that there was going to be an arrival on this site and it has just this moment “landed” on Pad THX1138! This is a saber inspired by the Imperial-turned-Rebel cargo pilot, Bodhi Rook. Bodhi for an unknown reason decided that he wanted to do good in the universe and became acquainted with a certain Galen Erso. Bodhi was persuaded to smuggle a secret message to the Rebels on the planet of Jedha. He was apprehended by Saw Gerrera’s mercenaries and brought to Gerrera’s headquarters. There he was subjected to a mind probe by an Octopod type creature called Bor Gullet, after which he was a little discombobulated! Bodhi however still knew how to fly, and when he was brought together with Jyn Erso and her crew, Bodhi became a Rogue Pilot! So here is my new saber…Rogue Pilot…

During the time after the Clone Wars, lightsabers were illegal to own (as were Kyber Crystals) so efforts needed to be made to disguise such weapons. This was my attempt to create a disguised saber for Bodhi. There is another famous example of such a design owned by Corran Horn, who hid his weapon in the handle of a Speeder Bike, so I thought why not hide a saber in the control column of a spaceship. Perfect for a Rogue Pilot! Oh and the name for my design? Well this next picture shows a little play on words on how I named it…


I hope you liked this design, I think Bodhi would have, and he could have made use of it when he was installing cable and got a little caught up! And speaking of getting caught up I am afraid time has caught up with me and this post is nearing an end. I have to clear the landing pad at my workshop to receive more ideas for designs. I still have a few to come, so I want to thank you all for visiting today, it is appreciated, and I hope you will schedule a return visit to see more! Till next time.

Bodhi Rook, Bor Gullet, Rogue One-A Star Wars Story and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.

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