Berserker Lightsaber – A Savannah95 Design

Today, I have another design from my good friend Savannah95, and I think I might have influenced the design a little! Of course all credit goes to Savannah, this is her gem, beautifully thought through and polished. I hope you enjoy the saber called, Berserker…

Dark, brooding and deadly probably sums up Berserker nicely. The blue blade hints at this being a Jedi weapon, who knows a Jedi may have found (or defeated a Sith warrior to get it) this handle and put a Jedi Blue crystal into it. The emitter has deadly axe blades should the saber malfunction so it can continue to be used as a melee weapon! Look closely and you can see how Savannah has linked the parts cleverly. The emitter has round accents which compliment the oblong accents of the switch section, which in turn connects to the elongated grooves of the hilt body. A beautiful little detail that ties the saber parts into a whole. To finish the hilt off Savannah has employed the FTE trick of using an emitter as a pommel! And it works so well with this design.

I think I’d like to get this saber and have a pair with a design of mine you can see here called Onslaught Lighsaber FTE!

I love Savannah’s hilt and I hope you  do too. I want to thank Savannah for allowing me to share her designs here with you all. I’d like to thank you all for visiting once more (and if this is your first visit, then welcome!) and I hope you will return for more designs in upcoming posts. Don’t forget to leave comments or likes if you wish and please tell your friends about FTSabersite if you like what you’ve seen, Thanks. Till next time.

Berserker Lightsaber design is Copyright© of Savannah95 and is used here with permission. This Guest Designer saber design is also covered by the Copyright© of FTSabersite 2017.


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