Raven Lightsaber – Inspired by the Blackbird

Hello Everyone, today we are about to reach the outer edges of this planet’s atmosphere with the help of the inspiration for my next design. That inspiration is the famous spy plane that held (and still does today) many world records for altitude and speed. The aircraft was built by Lockheed and was nicknamed “Blackbird”. This bird however flew a bit faster than a feathered Blackbird, in fact it could travel at three times the speed of sound. It had special fuel called JP-7 which powered the plane to the edge of space to allow the crew to take photos of trouble hotspots and “places of interest”. The aircraft’s official name was the Lockheed SR-71 and it inspired this saber…Raven…

The emitter with the axe like blades represent the large delta wings of the super spy plane, while the switch section is used to give the impression of a cockpit. The hilt body and pommel are the fuselage of the aircraft. In the pommel, is the silver blade plug which I tried to make look like an air intake. The blade represents the massive exhaust flames which the SR-71 produces as it accelerates to 2,092.294 mph  and an altitude of 85,069 feet! (Roughly three time the height of Mount Everest). I wonder if my saber will perform as well as that!

I created this saber as a tribute to the many Airforces, men and women around the world. This mission is nearly over as is this post. Hopefully you will return for future posts where I will have more designs. Thank you for taking time out today to look in. Till next time.

The SR-71 was designed and built by Lockheed Skunkworks and the designs belong to Lockheed accordingly. Photo image is from aerospaceworks website.

Predatory Lightsaber (Saber for an Alien Hunter)

Hello Everyone, here I return to my theme of extra-terrestrial visitors to this planet and the 80’s era movies. This saber was inspired by the alien hunter that terrorised the inhabitants of the South American jungle and targeted humans as it’s prey! The hunter was played by the actor/stuntman Kevin Peter Hall and his opponent, “Dutch”, was portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. You must have guessed the film, it was Predator. Schwarzenegger played Dutch, a special ops soldier who gets drafted in to help a team of military specialists to rescue survivors from a downed helicopter. However the team soon discover that they were sent into the jungle on false pretences and were meant to retrieve information and evidence regarding the strange occurrences. They also realise they are not alone and are being methodically hunted and killed by something not of this world. The alien hunter was relentless, had advanced weaponry and equipment. He didn’t have a saber, so here is one I call Predatory…

This staff has the level of technology the Predator would appreciate. It features twin forked emitters which represents it’s insect-like mouth with the four mandible claws. The hilt bodies look like the body armour Predator wears. As with most of the staff designs, this weapon can be broken down into two separate hilts making him doubly dangerous, as if he needed any more help! The weathered finish and acid green blades round out the look of the ultimate killer.


Kevin Peter Hall didn’t have many lines of dialogue but his actions certainly did his talking for him. The last picture in the gallery and the title image above were tributes to the Predator’s most famous ability, his thermal image vision. Maybe in the new rumoured Predator movie (number 4 I think!) there might be a saber, it might even be one of mine.

I am getting close to the end of this post but as always I’d like to thank you for looking in, I appreciate the support. Please call back to see more designs right here. Till next time.

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Balance Point Lightsaber- A Saber for Snips

Hello Everyone, I have returned from seeing Rogue One for the second time (but this time I saw it in 3D! More on this later). In the promotional trailers that were released for the film a certain spaceship seemed to have been included in one of the scenes. The inclusion (or not) of this ship caused a stir as some fans thought it may indicate an appearance of a character or mention of the events from Star Wars Rebels. The ship was The Ghost and the hoped for character was Ahsoka Tano. Ahsoka operated as a spy after leaving the Jedi Order and eventually met up and began mentoring the crew of The Ghost. With all the excitement revolving round Ahsoka and the fact that she may be in Rogue One, I decided to attempt replicating one of her sabers in the builder. This is the fruits of my labour, I call this saber Balance Point…

This is as close as I can get to recreating Snips’ saber. It shares the double lipped shrouded emitter, with the grooves down the sides. The body is made of Couplers to get the correct length. The switches are smooth and recessed to allow Ahsoka to use the hilt in the reverse grip she is so famous for. To finish the look the saber has the round pommel with the ring of blocks around it’s circumference. The weapon is finished in plain silver with the equally famous lime green blade.

Some people may be wondering, “Why the name Balance Point?” Well Ahsoka Tano’s codename whilst she was spying was Fulcrum and in mechanical terminology a Fulcrum “is the point against which a lever is placed to get purchase, or on which it turns or is supported”. The second definition reads “a thing that plays a central or essential role in an activity, event, or situation”. Ahsoka’s exploits could easily be described as such!

I hope you liked this design and will return to see more from myself and my friends in future posts. Thanks for looking in today. Wait.. I nearly forgot Rouge One 3D, the film was even better. The effects were used brilliantly and helped draw you further into the story emotionally. I am not the richest lightsaber designer in the world but even I would recommend you see both the 2D and 3D versions for the full experience, there is so much packed into the film. That brings me to the end of today’s post..Till next time.

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For Tyeth’s Rogue One X-Wing Helmet!

Hello Everyone, I am still recovering from Rogue One – A Star Wars Story, and from the recent reviews I have read today I am not the only one who rates the movie highly. In fact I am going to see it again tomorrow in 3D this time! So I may need my new X-Wing helmet to protect myself from special effects flying out from the screen. Would you like to see my new flying helmet? Here you go…

For Tyeth Emerald Squadron

Neat huh? It’s even personalised with my name written in Aurabesh near the microphone. Ok it’s not real but I thought it was cool to have my own Emerald Squadron and matching headwear. If your computer had a camera built in you could also add your face as you would with an avatar so you will be looking out from behind the visor!

Unfortunately I have discovered that Disney have removed the Helmet Builder from their site and the link I had posted here is now just a page with options to buy various merchandise and show tickets. (EDIT made 05/05/2019). Sorry.

I will be back soon with another saber design and hope you will join me for that. Thanks for looking in on this post, and I promise it will be a full gallery post!

Rogue One – A Star Wars Story is Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.

Rogue One – For Tyeth’s Thoughts

Hello Everyone, I have just this parsec got back from watching Rogue One! I am physically and emotionally drained. I had high hopes for this film when I saw the trailer but I was not prepared for what I was about to see. This film hit me hard, imagine the impact of the previous 7 movies combined with the power of a “fully operational battle station” and you would still not be anywhere near the force with which this film hits. I am not an expert in film reviews, I studied media and acting at college so always find myself picking faults and technicalities out but here I saw a film that was so compelling and powerful that I watched, riveted to the action.

My design for Director Krennic

The film begins by explaining how Jyn Erso gets to be in the position she finds herself in and the relationship with her parents. This was done really well, avoiding the messy introductions we saw with The Phantom Menace – which had to cater to old and new viewers, and cramming too much into too little space. As a result Gareth Edwards paces the movie beautifully, always with a sense of tension making you want to carry on watching and investing in the characters you are watching. There is plenty of morality and emotional conflict but this doesn’t mean that it is taking a stand on either side, rather it shows the struggles of conscience people find themselves in in such circumstances.

My Jyn Erso inspired IRebel Hilt

Felicity Jones and Diego Luna worked fantastically opposite each other. The performances were powerful from all of the cast, though I have to give a big mention for Grand Moff Tarkin who was a cleverly constructed CGI replica from footage of the late great Peter Cushing (minus his slippers). At first I thought Tarkin was played by Wayne Pygram but apparently not!  Donnie Yen also needs a mention as Chirrut Imwe who provided a brave connection to the Force.

My K-2SO inspired Katuso Hilt

There were moments of humour with great one-liners, all of which were appropriate for the particular scene they were in. The special effects were amazingly done (though they skirted with overdoing the amount of Tie-Fighters once but they needed to, to  reflect the overpowering odds). The sound was awesome and you could hear each and every word spoken. There were great speeches, amazing action and everything you would want in an adventure movie like this. And bearing in mind some “older” fans will already know the outcome this movie still succeeds. I am planning my next viewing already.

I could go on but I feel that you need to see the film for yourselves, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope you do also.

There is another VERY special CGI appearance but I won’t spoil it for you.

Rogue One – A Star Wars story is in cinemas now. All names and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.


Megatron Lightsaber (Saber for a Decepticon Leader)

Hello Everyone, today I bring you a new design requested by a long time follower of FTSabersite, Sean Hewer, who suggested a few more Transformer characters I could design a saber for. Well I returned to my workshop and I think I may have had a brainwave! I have managed to create a design for the leader of the Decepticons, Megatron himself! Megatron was originally on The Ark when it crashed to earth and the “living” spaceship modified him just like the Autobots were. However while the Autobots were adapted to take the shape of vehicles, the Decepticons were rebuilt to include everyday objects. Megatron was rebuilt with the ability to transform into a replica of a Walther P-38 pistol! This saber design was difficult as the virtual builder was meant for sabers, but I will let you decide how well I did, here is Megatron…

I hope you can see the saber in the last picture of the actual toy figure! I will admit that the muzzle is actually made of the special connector parts called couplers and these parts won’t hold a blade plug (without modifying it at least). However they do make a nice end for the barrel of Megatron’s cannon. The emitter where the blade comes out from represents the eyepiece lens housing of the sighting scope, which forms the cannon. The switch is the scope mounting block and the two gold bands I imagined to be the rails for attaching the sight to his arm. I think that Megatron could easily conceal this saber as his traditional weapon, but with the added surprise of a plasma blade!

I am approaching that dreaded time of the post where I have to bring things to a close. I hope you think I did well with this design. My next post may be a little later than normal as I am going to see ROGUE ONE as an early birthday treat (I have a VIP seat too so I hope I don’t fall asleep..those chairs are comfy 😀 ). Thank you for visiting today and be sure to return as I may have an opinion on the new film and a new saber!

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(V)isitor Lightsaber (Inspired by the 80’s miniseries)

Hello Everyone, today we are going to have more “Visitors” as I look back on a TV miniseries that spawned a full length series and multiple movies. That show is about a race of aliens who are in search of chemicals and materials to help save their dying planet. They arrive in 50 large saucer shaped ships which position themselves over the major metropolises of the world. They proclaim to come in peace and an agreement with Earth’s Heads of State ensure they are welcomed as friends but shortly strange events begin to unfold. A television news cameraman sneaks aboard one of the alien’s motherships and the whole charade is brought to light. The series is of course “V” which aired in 1983, though the younger viewers may be more aware of the 2009-2011 version starring Morena Baccarin and Laura Vandervoort. The aliens were called “Visitors” as is my saber…(V)isitor…

The Visitors appeared humanoid except for having to wear protective sunglasses and that their voices had a strange resonance. However the beautiful leader Diana and her followers hid a much scarier secret and fascade, beneath their human skin lay their real identity, carnivorous reptilians! This saber represents their secret identity and I tried to make the saber look reptilian and gnarly. The blade is the same colour as the famous graffiti scrawled logo “V” of the show but also helps make the emitter stand out. The emitter has two shell like shrouds that slant towards each other forming, yes, a “V” shaped groove. The remainder of the hilt resembles the scaly skin and features of the exposed aliens. The grip is shaped for a more claw like hand to handle it so it is still usable by the aliens. The red blade also signifies the red jumpsuit uniforms the aliens wore, though in the recent reboot the uniforms were changed to blue for some reason!

Well I am afraid we are approaching the end of this post but the battle between the people of Earth and the Visitors raged on through many episodes and spin off films. Who would have thought the aliens would turn on us after we held a welcome parade for them…the marching band even performed the Star Wars theme! Oh well, I am out of time now but I hope you will be a visitor again and return to my site to see more new saber designs, thank you for looking in today. Till next time.

(P.S. May I thank ALL of the people who have visited this site, we have officially passed the 2000 views mark in less than 5 months. Your support is much appreciated.)

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Staff of J-Far (Staff inspired by Stargate SG1)

Hello Everyone, after the slight change to my schedule yesterday to introduce Christopher Walkden I am returning to my planned posts. If I were to mention Richard Dean Anderson, gadgets and adventures, what would you think of?….(MacGyver!) Er, no not quite, I was thinking more along the lines of the extra-terrestrial exploration series Stargate SG1. The show centres around a covert Government team that have possession of a piece of alien technology that allows them to teleport between planets, this tech is called the Stargate. However as with most transportation devices, it can be used to travel in BOTH directions and one particular person came back from another world. This visitor was called Teal’c from the planet Chulak. He was a high ranking official on his planet but became disillusioned with his race and joined the SG1 team who had been captured on Chulak. After helping the team to escape, he became a member of the squad. The warrior ranks of his race used a particular weapon called a Ma’Tok, a 2m long staff that fired bolts of energy from an emitter. Sounds like something I could try to replicate in the ASP builder, so here is my attempt. This is Staff of J_Far…

“This is a weapon of terror. It’s made to intimidate the enemy.” ―Jack O’Neill

The real Ma’Tok staff has very strong Egyptian and Snake-like design cues and I tried my best to recreate the look. The emitter of the Ma’Tok is actually a pod made of two halves which separate to reveal the barrel and allow the weapon to fire. When opened I thought it looked a little like the double axe bladed emitter in the builder, though this emitter can’t open/close (but someone clever might be able to modify one!). The staff extends with a smooth body section leading to the lower body grip. Here I used a part with a series of parallel lines cut into it, making the handle look as if it had scales, like the Cobra snake I believe the original prop may have been influenced by. The staff is finished off with a pommel that actually glows in the series according to descriptions I’ve read (though I never saw that in the episodes I have seen). I hope I came pretty close to making a staff Teal’c might use.

I am afraid it is time to go back through the Stargate (I wonder if there is a route to Coruscant!) as this post is coming to a close. Thank you for looking in on this design and my next offering is inspired by a Sci-Fi mini series of the 80’s, so I hope you will “Visit” to see it. Till next time.

Stargate Universe and SGU TM & © 2016 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.

Nion Rebel by Christopher Walkden

Hello Everyone, I have something a bit different today, a design from a new Guest Designer. Recently a new member joined the Google+ community I help moderate on. His name is Christopher Walkden, and yes we all had to take a second look thinking it read Christopher Walken! It wasn’t the actor but Christopher has some talents of his own. He is currently writing a screenplay for a fan-film and decided to create some lightsaber designs for his characters using Saberforge’s virtual builder. Christopher’s story is slightly different than normal as it is based on Earth because his lead character is in exile. The young Jedi fled after the murder of his Master and whilst hiding from his pursuers, he trains in the ways of the Force. As you will know young Jedi have to build their own weapon as part of that training, this is the design Christopher came up with, this is Nion Rebel…

This is a nice, elegant saber. You can tell some thought has gone into it by the way the parts compliment each other and “flow” from emitter to pommel. There are no things to get in the way of handling the saber such as activation boxes or decorative pieces (called Greeblies) making this a comfortable saber to duel with. In fact it looks like a modernised weapon of a Roman gladiator with the hand guard around the emitter. Sometimes less is more! I think Christopher has a good eye for detail and that will help him with his fan film, which I hope to be able to share news of with you here.

I hope you liked this design and leave a comment or two of encouragement for Christopher as he begins his adventure in film making. I’d like to thank him for supporting FTSabersite and to you my regular visitors also. I will return to my scheduled posts next time and would be pleased if you could join me. Till next time.

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