Elegance GMT Lightsaber (Grand Moff Tarkin Saber)

Hello Everybody, today I have a design inspired by Rogue One and Star Wars. Or rather it is inspired by one of the characters that appears in both films. The character is Grand Moff Tarkin, portrayed by the fantastic Peter Cushing. Mr Cushing was a celebrated stage and screen actor who leant gravitas to the original Star Wars movie (along with Alec Guinness). He also projected a sinister air whenever he was in a scene, something he shared in common with Christopher Lee, who later played Count Dooku. Mr Cushing and Mr Lee were legendary in the Dracula films made by Hammer Studios and appeared together in many memorable scenes. Mr Cushing passed away in Aug 1994, bur with the advances in Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) his character of Grand Moff Tarkin was returned to the big screen in Rogue One.

Grand Moff Tarkin acknowledged the Force existed but didn’t believe that it was the greater power. He laid his faith in technology and the use of terror to achieve control over the galaxy. As a result he may appreciate this design though he may not necessarily use it but I feel it suits his sinister elegance, this is Elegance GMT…

I hope this design captures Tarkin’s sinister air and military elegance. I think it is both a useable weapon and a status symbol of his position. It has Imperial overtones in the black, silver and white colour scheme, looks neat and tidy but just has a slight hint of arrogance about it. This is demonstrated by the emitter with the three windows, which I reference with the initials G,M,T or Grand Moff Tarkin. The switch with the silver bands just lift the design so it isn’t a plain black handle and hints at Tarkin’s rank and authority.

Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars (1977)

I hope this design reflects the great Peter Cushing and Grand Moff Tarkin. I have to bring this post to an end shortly but I’d like to thank you all for your support and hope you will return for future posts. I have a staff for a “Force Sensitive Mystic” coming up soon and another Zodiac Series saber from Borommakot! Till next time.

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