Debbie Reynolds Has Passed Away, A Tragedy Compounded.

I was already shaken by recent news of Carrie Fisher’s passing but this tragedy has now been compounded. I am now having to post the news that Carrie’s mother, the showbiz Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds has passed also. Mrs Reynolds died in a Los Angeles hospital following a stroke. Reports say the family were making arrangements for Carrie’s funeral when Mrs Reynolds was taken ill and rushed to hospital. I am finding it hard to comprehend how such things can happen. It is bad enough that Mrs Reynolds outlived her daughter, but then for her to die so soon afterwards, I am beginning to question a lot of things.

My thoughts and prayers are with Billie Lourd, who, in 48hrs has lost her mother and grandmother. I hope with all my worth that Billie finds strength and at least some comfort in the messages which will flood in. The same sentiments go out to Todd Fisher and all the extended family.

Debbie Reynolds with her daughter, Carrie Fisher.

My words feel inadequate but I will say I hope that Mrs Reynolds and Carrie are reunited now and that the family find the strength to cope with this tragedy.