Vador’s Lightsaber – (A Saber from Skaro)

Hello Everybody, today I am going to post my last design before Christmas (I hope you don’t mind but I am taking a break for a couple of days, I have been busy!) I will return after Boxing Day and resume my usual duties!

But onto today, and I bring you the second saber inspired by the time travelling series Dr Who and this time it belongs to one of his enemies! This race of armour plated aliens hail from the planet Skaro and are the result of the experiments into genetics that their leader conducted. This Leader attempted to create a super species with unbowing loyalty. These genetic organisms would become a formidable army in the civil war taking place on Skaro. Unfortunately the experiments didn’t work out as expected and the creatures mutated and needed the metallic life support pods to survive. This made them nearly invulnerable…nearly, as the Doctor encountered and battled these creatures many times. They are of course the Daleks, which is the name of their species reversed (they were originally humanoid and called Kaleds) and one Dalek in particular may own a saber like this…I call it Vador’s Lightsaber…

Here I tried to capture the look of the Dalek casing in the saber’s design, so an all metallic look worked best. The emitter reminded me of the vertical metal plates and rings that circulate round the Dalek body near to the dreaded sink plunge…er, sorry disintegrator ray! The hilt grip also has vertical plates that look a little like the skirt like section of the lower half of the Dalek machine. There are even rivets on the grip which mimic the sphere like structures though not quite as many!  The pommel represents the bumper ring that circles the bottom of the Dalek casing which means they can’t climb up stairs (until much later when they upgraded themselves with anti-gravity devices – ELEVATE!). Now the name of the saber some people may think is a typing error by myself (no I didn’t mean to type Vader), but is a cunningly clever anagram of the name of the Dalek Creator and Leader..this guy…


I think you may be able to rearrange the letters to spell his name out! I hope you enjoyed this design but my enemy has struck again, I have run out of time and will need to end this post shortly. But before I go I want to thank you all for visiting and supporting FTSabersite and wish you all a HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I will be back in a few days time…

Dr Who was created by Sydney Newman, C.E. Webber and Donald Wilson. Dr Who, Dalek and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of BBC Television.


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