Raven Lightsaber – Inspired by the Blackbird

Hello Everyone, today we are about to reach the outer edges of this planet’s atmosphere with the help of the inspiration for my next design. That inspiration is the famous spy plane that held (and still does today) many world records for altitude and speed. The aircraft was built by Lockheed and was nicknamed “Blackbird”. This bird however flew a bit faster than a feathered Blackbird, in fact it could travel at three times the speed of sound. It had special fuel called JP-7 which powered the plane to the edge of space to allow the crew to take photos of trouble hotspots and “places of interest”. The aircraft’s official name was the Lockheed SR-71 and it inspired this saber…Raven…

The emitter with the axe like blades represent the large delta wings of the super spy plane, while the switch section is used to give the impression of a cockpit. The hilt body and pommel are the fuselage of the aircraft. In the pommel, is the silver blade plug which I tried to make look like an air intake. The blade represents the massive exhaust flames which the SR-71 produces as it accelerates to 2,092.294 mph  and an altitude of 85,069 feet! (Roughly three time the height of Mount Everest). I wonder if my saber will perform as well as that!

I created this saber as a tribute to the many Airforces, men and women around the world. This mission is nearly over as is this post. Hopefully you will return for future posts where I will have more designs. Thank you for taking time out today to look in. Till next time.

The SR-71 was designed and built by Lockheed Skunkworks and the designs belong to Lockheed accordingly. Photo image is from aerospaceworks website.


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