Predatory Lightsaber (Saber for an Alien Hunter)

Hello Everyone, here I return to my theme of extra-terrestrial visitors to this planet and the 80’s era movies. This saber was inspired by the alien hunter that terrorised the inhabitants of the South American jungle and targeted humans as it’s prey! The hunter was played by the actor/stuntman Kevin Peter Hall and his opponent, “Dutch”, was portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. You must have guessed the film, it was Predator. Schwarzenegger played Dutch, a special ops soldier who gets drafted in to help a team of military specialists to rescue survivors from a downed helicopter. However the team soon discover that they were sent into the jungle on false pretences and were meant to retrieve information and evidence regarding the strange occurrences. They also realise they are not alone and are being methodically hunted and killed by something not of this world. The alien hunter was relentless, had advanced weaponry and equipment. He didn’t have a saber, so here is one I call Predatory…

This staff has the level of technology the Predator would appreciate. It features twin forked emitters which represents it’s insect-like mouth with the four mandible claws. The hilt bodies look like the body armour Predator wears. As with most of the staff designs, this weapon can be broken down into two separate hilts making him doubly dangerous, as if he needed any more help! The weathered finish and acid green blades round out the look of the ultimate killer.


Kevin Peter Hall didn’t have many lines of dialogue but his actions certainly did his talking for him. The last picture in the gallery and the title image above were tributes to the Predator’s most famous ability, his thermal image vision. Maybe in the new rumoured Predator movie (number 4 I think!) there might be a saber, it might even be one of mine.

I am getting close to the end of this post but as always I’d like to thank you for looking in, I appreciate the support. Please call back to see more designs right here. Till next time.

Predator and all names and related material is Trademark/©Copyright of Amercent Films, American Entertainment Partners L.P.
Davis Entertainment, Lawrence Gordon Productions and Silver Pictures. Distributed by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.


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