Megatron Lightsaber (Saber for a Decepticon Leader)

Hello Everyone, today I bring you a new design requested by a long time follower of FTSabersite, Sean Hewer, who suggested a few more Transformer characters I could design a saber for. Well I returned to my workshop and I think I may have had a brainwave! I have managed to create a design for the leader of the Decepticons, Megatron himself! Megatron was originally on The Ark when it crashed to earth and the “living” spaceship modified him just like the Autobots were. However while the Autobots were adapted to take the shape of vehicles, the Decepticons were rebuilt to include everyday objects. Megatron was rebuilt with the ability to transform into a replica of a Walther P-38 pistol! This saber design was difficult as the virtual builder was meant for sabers, but I will let you decide how well I did, here is Megatron…

I hope you can see the saber in the last picture of the actual toy figure! I will admit that the muzzle is actually made of the special connector parts called couplers and these parts won’t hold a blade plug (without modifying it at least). However they do make a nice end for the barrel of Megatron’s cannon. The emitter where the blade comes out from represents the eyepiece lens housing of the sighting scope, which forms the cannon. The switch is the scope mounting block and the two gold bands I imagined to be the rails for attaching the sight to his arm. I think that Megatron could easily conceal this saber as his traditional weapon, but with the added surprise of a plasma blade!

I am approaching that dreaded time of the post where I have to bring things to a close. I hope you think I did well with this design. My next post may be a little later than normal as I am going to see ROGUE ONE as an early birthday treat (I have a VIP seat too so I hope I don’t fall asleep..those chairs are comfy 😀 ). Thank you for visiting today and be sure to return as I may have an opinion on the new film and a new saber!

Megatron, Decepticons, Autobots and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Hasbro Toys.


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