(V)isitor Lightsaber (Inspired by the 80’s miniseries)

Hello Everyone, today we are going to have more “Visitors” as I look back on a TV miniseries that spawned a full length series and multiple movies. That show is about a race of aliens who are in search of chemicals and materials to help save their dying planet. They arrive in 50 large saucer shaped ships which position themselves over the major metropolises of the world. They proclaim to come in peace and an agreement with Earth’s Heads of State ensure they are welcomed as friends but shortly strange events begin to unfold. A television news cameraman sneaks aboard one of the alien’s motherships and the whole charade is brought to light. The series is of course “V” which aired in 1983, though the younger viewers may be more aware of the 2009-2011 version starring Morena Baccarin and Laura Vandervoort. The aliens were called “Visitors” as is my saber…(V)isitor…

The Visitors appeared humanoid except for having to wear protective sunglasses and that their voices had a strange resonance. However the beautiful leader Diana and her followers hid a much scarier secret and fascade, beneath their human skin lay their real identity, carnivorous reptilians! This saber represents their secret identity and I tried to make the saber look reptilian and gnarly. The blade is the same colour as the famous graffiti scrawled logo “V” of the show but also helps make the emitter stand out. The emitter has two shell like shrouds that slant towards each other forming, yes, a “V” shaped groove. The remainder of the hilt resembles the scaly skin and features of the exposed aliens. The grip is shaped for a more claw like hand to handle it so it is still usable by the aliens. The red blade also signifies the red jumpsuit uniforms the aliens wore, though in the recent reboot the uniforms were changed to blue for some reason!

Well I am afraid we are approaching the end of this post but the battle between the people of Earth and the Visitors raged on through many episodes and spin off films. Who would have thought the aliens would turn on us after we held a welcome parade for them…the marching band even performed the Star Wars theme! Oh well, I am out of time now but I hope you will be a visitor again and return to my site to see more new saber designs, thank you for looking in today. Till next time.

(P.S. May I thank ALL of the people who have visited this site, we have officially passed the 2000 views mark in less than 5 months. Your support is much appreciated.)

“V” the Miniseries, The Visitors and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Warner Bros.Entertainment.



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