Staff of J-Far (Staff inspired by Stargate SG1)

Hello Everyone, after the slight change to my schedule yesterday to introduce Christopher Walkden I am returning to my planned posts. If I were to mention Richard Dean Anderson, gadgets and adventures, what would you think of?….(MacGyver!) Er, no not quite, I was thinking more along the lines of the extra-terrestrial exploration series Stargate SG1. The show centres around a covert Government team that have possession of a piece of alien technology that allows them to teleport between planets, this tech is called the Stargate. However as with most transportation devices, it can be used to travel in BOTH directions and one particular person came back from another world. This visitor was called Teal’c from the planet Chulak. He was a high ranking official on his planet but became disillusioned with his race and joined the SG1 team who had been captured on Chulak. After helping the team to escape, he became a member of the squad. The warrior ranks of his race used a particular weapon called a Ma’Tok, a 2m long staff that fired bolts of energy from an emitter. Sounds like something I could try to replicate in the ASP builder, so here is my attempt. This is Staff of J_Far…

“This is a weapon of terror. It’s made to intimidate the enemy.” ―Jack O’Neill

The real Ma’Tok staff has very strong Egyptian and Snake-like design cues and I tried my best to recreate the look. The emitter of the Ma’Tok is actually a pod made of two halves which separate to reveal the barrel and allow the weapon to fire. When opened I thought it looked a little like the double axe bladed emitter in the builder, though this emitter can’t open/close (but someone clever might be able to modify one!). The staff extends with a smooth body section leading to the lower body grip. Here I used a part with a series of parallel lines cut into it, making the handle look as if it had scales, like the Cobra snake I believe the original prop may have been influenced by. The staff is finished off with a pommel that actually glows in the series according to descriptions I’ve read (though I never saw that in the episodes I have seen). I hope I came pretty close to making a staff Teal’c might use.

I am afraid it is time to go back through the Stargate (I wonder if there is a route to Coruscant!) as this post is coming to a close. Thank you for looking in on this design and my next offering is inspired by a Sci-Fi mini series of the 80’s, so I hope you will “Visit” to see it. Till next time.

Stargate Universe and SGU TM & © 2016 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.


2 thoughts on “Staff of J-Far (Staff inspired by Stargate SG1)”

  1. Now, you can’t have forgotten about Airwolf…lol

    I never really watched that show, but the backstory you’ve provided is cool. 🙂

    Great job. 🙂

    1. I’m embarrassed to say I hadn’t thought of an Airwolf saber…and I loved that show (Moffett’s Ghost and Michael Goldsmith-Briggs 3rd, Stringfellow and Saint-John Hawke and of course Dominic Santini). I shall work to rectify my oversight, Thanks Sean.

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