Nion Rebel by Christopher Walkden

Hello Everyone, I have something a bit different today, a design from a new Guest Designer. Recently a new member joined the Google+ community I help moderate on. His name is Christopher Walkden, and yes we all had to take a second look thinking it read Christopher Walken! It wasn’t the actor but Christopher has some talents of his own. He is currently writing a screenplay for a fan-film and decided to create some lightsaber designs for his characters using Saberforge’s virtual builder. Christopher’s story is slightly different than normal as it is based on Earth because his lead character is in exile. The young Jedi fled after the murder of his Master and whilst hiding from his pursuers, he trains in the ways of the Force. As you will know young Jedi have to build their own weapon as part of that training, this is the design Christopher came up with, this is Nion Rebel…

This is a nice, elegant saber. You can tell some thought has gone into it by the way the parts compliment each other and “flow” from emitter to pommel. There are no things to get in the way of handling the saber such as activation boxes or decorative pieces (called Greeblies) making this a comfortable saber to duel with. In fact it looks like a modernised weapon of a Roman gladiator with the hand guard around the emitter. Sometimes less is more! I think Christopher has a good eye for detail and that will help him with his fan film, which I hope to be able to share news of with you here.

I hope you liked this design and leave a comment or two of encouragement for Christopher as he begins his adventure in film making. I’d like to thank him for supporting FTSabersite and to you my regular visitors also. I will return to my scheduled posts next time and would be pleased if you could join me. Till next time.

Nion Rebel is ©Copyright of Christopher Walkden and is used here with permission. This website and contents are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016.


9 thoughts on “Nion Rebel by Christopher Walkden”

  1. Yes, double take completed…lol
    Send Christopher all the best, and I hope to see that fan film…

    Nice design. Great colours. 🙂

  2. Thank you both of you i have further progressed with my film and have made some final decisions with the help of For Tyeth and the fellow members of the Google+ community now i shall be continuing on with the work that i started with my screen play and will then get on with the story board for the film. I am sorry about the time it took me to comment here. Also i am so sorry about the fact that this is going to take an extremely long time to make, as i am thinking of ways to help fund it and require a few extras to play as storm troopers however i do live in Australia so i am limited. I am currently searching for a cheap film camera and the cheapest I’ve found was just under $2000 and i also need to find a boom mic. So i’ll let you guys carry on with your lives and will soon post an update on Google+ on my progress with the screenplay.

    1. Hello Christopher! Thank you for getting in touch and letting us know of your progress. Film making is an intensive process so it’s understandable if you were busy and not able to comment here. Whenever you have a moment and see something you’d like to comment on (or if you need advice or opinions) feel free to ask here!
      Funny thing is I never thought about Stormtroopers having to be paid! Chat soon.

      1. Thank you For Tyeth i will keep posting updates every now and again on google+ and all characters and extras are volunteers and i just need the money for the equipment and to get my mate from america over here so we can film his scenes once i get the camera and boom mic. I shall ask should i need anything.

      2. You’re welcome and thank you, I am sure the visitors and followers of this site will enjoy reading about a real life Fan-Film being produced.(And should you design any more sabers let me know!)

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