Sagittarius Staff – Borommakot’s Zodiac Series

Hello Everyone, today I would like to get back to a section of the site I have neglected recently (well I got side-tracked actually) and return to the Guest Designers! I am going to bring to you another of the fantastic Zodiac Series of sabers from Borommakot. At this time of year if you are celebrating your birthday (like me shortly) you will have been born under the sign of Sagittarius, the Centaur Archer. I never realised how much I resembled the attributes of the sign. Looking at the details I was a track athlete when I was at school and I was very good at shooting, archery and even darts! But I digress, we are talking about sabers here and so I present to you Borommakot’s Sagittarius Staff…

I really like this design as Borommakot made the staff look a bit like a compound bow. The staff is obviously symmetrical but the little detail of lining the activation boxes on the switch sections just gives the illusion the staff has curves in it. It is subtle but inspired! The green blades are projected from two elegant fluted emitters which in themselves look like turrets of a medieval castle of ye olde times. The central body section has a nice plain brown leather grip with two inlaid bands either end, almost Celtic looking. As with most staffs, this appears as though it would be well balanced and a formidable weapon out in the field!

Regrettably we are near the end of this post but I would like to direct your attention towards Borommakot’s YouTube channel, where he showcases his videos under the name of daftPirate. He has many video gaming videos and some unboxing videos of his sabers he designed and bought for himself, so please take a moment or two and check him out. Here is a link to daftPirate’s YouTube Channel for your convenience. Be sure to call back to FTSabersite however as I have the privilege of welcoming a NEW Guest Designer tomorrow. Thank you for your support once more. Till next time.

Sagittarius Staff – Bormmakot’s Zodiac Series is ©Copyright of Borommakot and used here with permission. FTSabersite , For Tyeth and this website and contents are ©Copyright FTSabersite/For Tyeth 2016.


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