Inferno Lightsaber (for a Rescue Robot)

Hello Everyone, as I brought to you the Law Enforcer of the Transformers, it only seemed fair that I bring to you a saber that belongs to the fire fighter of the Autobots, Inferno! Now Inferno was one half of a pair of robots who represented the fire department, the other being Red Alert, but Inferno was the fire engine! Inferno loved to fight fires and would be the first on scene should a conflagration (Wow, that’s a big word Tyeth!) break out, however if a FIRE FIGHT broke out he would be even quicker to respond to it! Inferno had a fire proof armoured body and fire retardant equipped blaster, but he didn’t have a saber….until now! I have come up with a weapon that may help save a few lives as well as defend a few, this is simply titled INFERNO…

Again with this design I tried to tie it into the look of the character. Did you guess what I based it on? If not don’t worry, I tried to recreate the fire fighting hose and nozzle that all fire trucks carry. The emitter and switch represent the nozzle of the hose itself, reinforced by the white blade that looks like the torrent of water gushing out from it. Another little detail is the ridges on the switch section which look like the rungs of a ladder. The body of the saber is meant to represent the old style canvas hoses, in the way the leather grip is wrapped around the hilt. A coupler connects the two body parts to give the saber some length and leverage. To complete the look, the saber is finished with a pommel that resembles the locking mechanism for connecting the lengths of hose together. This weapon should be more than capable of defending Inferno against the Decepticons and be able to cut through the rubble and debris of a building engulfed in fire!

Now the fire has been extinguished, the humans are safe, Inferno can call it a day. Sadly this brings to an end this post too, but I hope you enjoyed this design and will return to see more in upcoming posts. I have the return of the Borommakot Zodiac series, in case you thought I had forgotten it but for now let me say thank you for supporting this site. Till next time.

Inferno, Transformers and all names and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Hasbro Toys.


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