Prowler Lightsaber (Law Enforcer Transformer)

Hello Everyone, I hope you enjoyed the trip to Mystic Falls as today we are returning to the world of the Autobots and Decipticons. I am about to introduce you to the Law Enforcer of the Autobots, Prowl. This Autobot was rebuilt by their spaceship, The Ark, into the form of a highway patrol vehicle. With the Decepticons not following rules, I thought Prowl could benefit from a Lightsaber, I mean he doesn’t have a Nightstick, so here is my design for him. Here is Prowl(er)  1701…

This saber I hope gives off a Law Enforcer type vibe. I used parts to resemble the lighting bar found on the roof of police patrol cars and gave the saber red and blue lighting to match the lights. There are two switch units as I had the idea that this saber could be used as a single bladed weapon, but should the need arise Prowl could ignite a second blade (which would eject the plug in the pommel). This would surprise the Decepticons! I think I should add a siren to this saber as well, or at least program the electronics to recreate the noise. Now some people may wonder what the numbers mean in the saber’s title. Well that is to acknowledge a friend of mine who I know from the Ultrasabers company’s forum. I am also a member of this forum and there is a member who suggested I join, and he is a Transformers fan with the forum name of Prowl1701. This saber is my thank you to him.

This brings to an end this post, I hope you liked my homage to Prowl. Believe it or not, I still have more designs to post so I hope you will return to see those. Thanks to all of you for looking in and supporting this site and don’t forget you can leave comments below. There are also widgets in the menu bars to request email notifications when I update the site! Till next time.

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