El Enna Lightsaber (A Saber for an Undead Heroine)

Hello Everyone, It has been brought to my attention that a famous TV show, and part of popular culture is sadly coming to an end shortly. The show’s fans are in the build up to the final episode of the final season, however I think the programme will live on for much longer, a bit like it’s central characters. These main characters are the Vampire (and part time female vampire) Damon and Elena of Mystic Falls. Of course I am referring to The Vampire Diaries, adapted from the novels and shown on CW Network. The story tells of Elena, a descendant of a lady called Amara, and her relationship with Damon who is a vampire. There are many twists and turns throughout the story spanning centuries, but for a breed of humans that survive as long as vampires do, then they will need a suitable weapon for the future. This is my design for a weapon for the heroine of the story, Elena, this is El Enna…

As you can see I based the saber’s colour scheme on one of the show’s promotional photos of Nina Dobrev, the talented actress who portrays Elena. The red blade signifies the blood that runs through the centuries and the story’s characters. The leather grip and gloss black handle match Nina’s outfit perfectly even down to the satin band running the length of her trousers! (Who knew I was aware of fashion?). The pommel is a part called the Relic pommel in the builder and has a look of antiquity and age to it, almost Gothic in this case. The emitter represents the Vampire’s natural weapon, their fangs! Overall the saber also shares the colours of the show’s logo.

Sadly this is nearly the end of this presentation, and the TV show itself. But the show will have a loyal legion of fans and a following for years to come which means I will be able to get the show on my entertainment device to watch over and fill in any gaps I missed! So I want to thank all of you for taking time to visit the site and hope you will return for more designs in the future and I will leave the fans of Mystic Falls one last picture, which shows I may have to reconsider giving Elena a Lightsaber! Till next time.

Ooops what have I done?

The Vampire Diaries novels published by Harper Paperbacks, 47North and Hodder Children’s Books. The TV serial appears on CW Network and is distributed by Warner Bros. Entertainment. Trademark/©Copyright of Warner Bros. Entertainment.


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