Madness Lightsaber (For Mrs Foley’s Little Boy)

Hello Everyone, as advertised I am about to bring you the second half of the Tag Team known as The Rock and Sock Connection. This means I need to introduce you to Mrs Foley’s Little Boy, Mick Foley. Mick Foley was a fan of wrestling and managed to get tickets to see a show at Madison Square Gardens where he saw a Cage Match, where the ring is surrounded by a 15 foot tall cage structure. After seeing Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka perform a diving move from the top of this cage to win the match, Mick realised he wanted to be a grappler. He began by wrestling in his backyard and sending home movies of his antics to the wrestling companies. He eventually became a professional and was hired by the WWF (now WWE). Mick performed as a mad escapee of an asylum, called Mankind. Mankind wore a leather mask, ripped clothing and was famous for taking big risks, usually falling from great heights. I felt that he deserved a saber and this is the design I call Madness…

Mick was famous for “No Holds Barred” matches that took place all around the arena and usually ended up in the stadium’s boiler-room, so I made the hilt weathered to look grimy as if it had just been found in a basement. The orange blade represents the fires in the boilers. The brown leather grip represents the facemask and leggings Mankind wore. The saber has the same part used on both ends which makes the saber look somewhat symmetrical, almost like a capsule or tablet, which I thought looked a bit like the medication which Mankind probably took in the asylum. Now I have rattled on quite a bit and not explained the Sock, well in Mankind’s tortured mind he created friends for himself which sometimes became real. One particular “friend” was called Mr Socko which turned out to be sock puppet, which he kept in his wrestling tights! When Mankind was about to perform his winning move The Mandible Claw he would reach into his tights, pull out the sock then put the puppet on his hand and render his opponent unconscious. After a while Mankind would be teamed up with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and the team “The Rock and Sock Connection” was born. This team was highly amusing and entertaining.

The Rock and Mankind aka Mick Foley

Mick Foley is now a successful children’s author and the Rock is well, The Rock. So this brings an end to this instalment, I have to go now and decide which saber I will bring to you next. I’d like to thank you for looking in and checking out Madness, including the new visitors I have had recently from as far away as Australia and Singapore! I hope you will tell your friends about FTSabersite and return for more new designs. Till next time.

Mankind, The Rock and Sock Connection and all names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of WWE Entertainment/TitanSports.

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