Brahma Lightsaber (Third Generation Saber)

Hello Everyone, earlier in the week I brought to you Kakau, a Disney Moana inspired saber. I also later found out after designing it that the character of Maui, who I created the saber for was voiced by none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Dwayne is due to appear in another upcoming movie Fast and Furious 8 (release April 2017). It almost seems as if the most electrifying man in entertainment is trying to take over the world! He is everywhere it seems, but it wasn’t always like that. Dwayne Johnson started out following in his Father and Grandfather’s bootprints as a professional wrestler. His father was Rocky Johnson and his grandfather was very important as he was High Chief Peter Maivia. This link is important as Peter Maivia was a real Samoan High Chief and had tribal family tattoos which were the inspiration for the animated character his grandson, The Rock voices, Maui! So for someone with such a rich heritage I felt Dwayne needed a saber, this is the design I came up with, this is Brahma…

Back in 1996 at a Pay-per-View event called WWF Survivor Series, Rocky Maivia made his debut as a traditional Samoan wrestler, honest and hard working. He gained experience and even more confidence, leading to championship belts and success. With the success came a change in name, style and wardrobe. The saber is made using the colour scheme found in one of The Rock’s famous silk shirts, black with silver, white and blue patterns. The actual shape of the saber I thought looked like the US Bank Tower of the Los Angeles Hollywood skyline which can be seen in his entrance videos (The final picture in the gallery I created using a picture of the skyline as it’s background). The blade has an ocean blue colour to it (maybe I had a Force Vision and knew he was to play Maui 😀 ) and the FTE pommel shares that same shade. This was one of my first designs with the switch placed near the pommel which set a bit of a trend just like Rocky himelf.

I hope this saber was a success and represents The Rock well. Dwayne had success as a singles competitor but he was also part of a famous Tag Team so please come back for tomorrow’s post where we will meet his wrestling buddy and I’ll tell you about “The Rock and Sock Connection”! Thanks for looking in today, till next time.

The Rock, WWF Survivor Series and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of WWE Entertainment/TitanSports.

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    1. Hello Sean, I am aware a friend of yours is in recuperation, so look after her and I will still be here. Please pass on my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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