Abietes Conum Youngling Edition (Good and Bad versions)

Hello Everyone, I hope you are having a good day, mine has been “unusual” in that I had a conversation with someone in the Google Community I help moderate on. Nothing unusual about that, but they described me as “intelligent and cool”. I’ve never been considered as cool before! Anyhow, I must get on with business and I promised to bring you two versions of Abietes Conum Youngling and I aim to please. The first is as the title says the embodiment of good and I call this design AC Youngling Angel…

This a saber to inspire youngsters to do the right thing and to help people as opposed to the upbringing that youngsters of the Sith religion are given. Speaking of the Sith there is also a version for the not-so-good people, this is the design I call AC Youngling Korriban…

This saber version is named after the home world of the Sith movement. I haven’t designed this to promote bad behaviour, but to illustrate that for the Lightside to exist there has to be an opposite to compare/measure it against. It is this balance that the inhabitants of the Star Wars Universe are trying to achieve and preserve but as with all societies, there are always going to be elements within that alters the balance in one direction or the other. As long as there is this state of flux there will always be need for Lightsabers.

Hopefully that last sentence didn’t sound too pessimistic, I’m supposed to be “friendly, intelligent and cool”! I will end here and hope you have enjoyed the Youngling series of sabers, I may work on more in the future. Thank you for looking in and for your continued support. In upcoming posts I have a Rock and a Sock so please call back and I’ll explain all! Till next time.

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