Abietes Conum Youngling Edition (Lightsaber for little Wizards)

Hello Everyone, over the past week or so I have shown you some sabers for the legitimate kids out there (not just us big kids!) and I have another design for the little wizards. You may remember I created a saber called Abietes Conum (Fir Cone) to represent a magic wand for the Harry Potter fans and Princess of Paperback’s readers, well I have adapted that for the smaller fans, here is Abietes Conum Youngling…

This saber is just like it’s big brother version but I realised I could remove the Coupler sections which made up the body and just use the ridged grip of the emitter. Perfect for smaller hands! The blade still has the magic spell purple colour but I planned this saber to have a foam blade for safety (polycarbonate blades that are usually used are very tough and hurt quite a bit if you get hit by one, as I learned through my training!) Again as this is a modular saber the couplers can be added as the child grows and becomes more proficient and a full electronics package can be installed later too. I know certain followers of this site like the various finishes available so I will include a bonus gallery with the dual tone colour scheme…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Again I have run out of time for this presentation, I have to return to my training (and get a few more bruises no doubt). I hope you enjoyed these two sabers and please return to see the remaining two versions of this series. Thank you all for visiting and supporting my site, I look forward to bringing you more new stuff. Till next time.

Princess of Paperback’s blog can be found by clicking HERE, so please check it out for recommendations on great reading and movies (and a bit of foodie stuff too!)

Harry Potter and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros. Entertainment.

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