Arachnid Lightsaber (Spidey’s Saber)

Hello Everyone, Yesterday I brought to you a saber I designed for Norman Osborne, also known as the criminal Green Goblin. So in balance I felt it only fair and right to design one for our friendly neighbourhood crime fighter himself, Peter Parker! Peter saw many injustices throughout his young life, he was an outsider struggling through high school and college. Then he got a job at the Daily Bugle newspaper as a freelance photographer. While on a visit to a science lab he had an encounter with a spider which bit him. However this spider had been exposed to radiation and a strange metamorphosis began in Peter. He began to change physically, getting stronger, his reflexes sped up, he could “sense” danger before it happened. Even stranger he discovered he could shoot webbing from his wrists! Oh, and he could stick to walls and climb buildings. One of the injustices he saw, actually he suffered was the murder of his Uncle Ben by fleeing criminals during a bank heist. Parker decided he had to do something about the crime wave affecting New York and took on the alter ego of Spiderman. Spidey used his great physical attributes but rarely used any gadgets but his opponents did, including Green Goblin, so I felt he needed a saber to equal the odds. Here is my offering, this is ARACHNID

To start off this saber has a spider-like emitter (sorry only six legs, the builder hasn’t got an emitter with eight claws 😦 ). The switch section has a webbing pattern in the diamond milled texture and the black accents represent the  webbing lines of his costume. Next is the double bodied hand grip with Spidey red leather grips. I used a double grip to give Spidey more leverage in combat, as although he has the proportional strength of a spider (meaning he can lift 50 times his own strength) he is physically smaller in stature. The saber hilt is capped off with a traditional pommel which reminds me of a Spinneret. Finally the saber has a blue blade to match his outfit. This saber has great power, but fortunately Peter Parker and Spiderman know all about the responsibility such power has, as his dying Uncle passed on this fabulous proverb to him..”With Great power comes Great responsibility!” I know Spidey will use this saber wisely.

This draws my post to a close, knowing that Spidey is better equipped to tackle the criminal element and keep the law abiding citizens like Abby (ablogofafangirlslife) safe from the likes of Green Goblin. I want to thank Abby and all my visitors to this site for your continued support and I hope you will spread the word about FTSabersite to your friends and return to see more new designs. Till next time.

Hello…For Tyeth? My saber is ready? I’ll SWING on by and pick it up, thanks!

Spiderman, Peter Parker, Green Goblin and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Marvel Comics Entertainment. (Licenced to Sony Pictures in 1999) Spiderman was created by Stan Lee.


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