Green Goblin Lightsaber(Spiderman inspired hilt)

Hello Everyone, as a youngling I used to watch cartoons and TV shows from the US, and one particular character series was Spiderman. I watched the friendly neighbourhood arachnid all the time (I even attended a fancy dress party as Spidey in an outfit I made, complete with working web shooters and a tinted lense mask!). The cartoons and live action series slowly went out of fashion and other programs took over but in 2002 the arachnid struck back and starred in a mega movie return! In this film Spidey faced off against a foe called the Green Goblin, a villain I remember from my childhood (I had the Spiderman Jeep toy that had a Net Capture mechanism and a Green Goblin figure to catch). The Green Goblin played by Willem Defoe, was originally Norman Osborne, a military weapons expert who while trying to secure a big deal took things too far. He tested a chemical to enhance his physical abilities on himself, but it had dire side effects, he went insane and trashed the laboratory. After a few incidents including killing the Oscorp Board of Directors, the Green Goblin and Spiderman battled each other. Now Goblin already had a few gadgets, including Pumpkin grenades and a Goblin Glider but he didn’t have a saber, so I have designed one for him. Here is Green Goblin…

I think this saber goes with his armour (I never knew Goblin was so fashion conscious!) and his famous Glider. As a weapon that Norman Osborne may have designed this saber is functional and evil looking at the same time. Claws surround the lime green blade that matches the eye lenses of his mask. The claws also remind me of his Glider with their angles and lines. The switch is standard and functions to alter the blade length as well as turn the weapon on/off. A matching Green leather grip makes sure handling the hilt is comfortable and secure. To finish the design the saber has an FTE pommel, this time filled with some sort of chemical enhancer to make the saber more powerful. The chemical is probably the same stuff Green Goblin used on himself in his laboratory as it looks a particularly nasty lime green colour.

I have come to the end of this presentation and I now realise I need to create a saber for Spidey now to make it a fair fight (we Jedi types are all about balance you know!). This means I need to retreat to my workshop and start tinkering but before I go I want to thank you all for looking in. In the short four months I have been blogging I have had 2000 views from 205 individuals, thank you to each and every one of you. Hopefully you will return for more new sabers.

Spiderman, Green Goblin and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Marvel Entertainment (and licensed to Sony Pictures in 1999).Spiderman created by Stan Lee.



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