Panthro Pair Lightsabers (An update to Panthera)

Hello Everyone, you will have to excuse me if I am not quite myself today, I am still reeling from the news of being nominated for the Sunshine Blogger award. Thanks to all of you for the kind words and comments and to Abby for the nomination itself. Ok calm down Tyeth and let’s get onto the next designs shall we.

Now my good friend SeanHewer might have given a big hint as  to what this next pair of sabers are in his comment on Panthera Staff. It goes to prove he has a great mind for lightsabers! He predicted that there was going to be two sabers with a twist! Panthera was a staff type weapon but Panthro was famous for using Oriental Nunchucks, so the thought occurred to me “what if his staff was damaged in battle like Darth Maul’s, what would he do?”. The answer was to convert the two parts into his trademark weapon. So here is Panthro Pair…Hilt 1

As you can see Hilt 1 is the emitter end of Panthera Staff! After the staff was damaged Panthro repaired the weapon by installing a regular body with the red grip and a traditional pommel. This pommel can be swapped for one that has a swivel built in and a chain attached so that this saber can be connected to Panthro Pair…Hilt2

Hilt 2 is the pommel end of Panthera Staff and as you will notice the blade now comes out of what was the FTE pommel! (The reason is, that the FTE pommel is actually a blade holder but I found a way to trick the 3d software to use it as a crystal chamber as Saberforge don’t have one available yet!) During battle Panthro can connect the two hilts together using the swivels and chain on the new pommels, and use the sabers as a pair of Nunchucks. But then when needed he can grip one hilt and ignite the blade to surprise his opponents!


I think this solution should please the die-hard Panthro fans as he now has his trademark weapon and it’s been upgraded for today’s and the future battlefield! I hope you all like this design as much as I enjoyed making it. Please check back for future posts as I have a Thundercat Tiger to bring to you and a few robot based hilts! Thanks for visiting. Till next time.

Thundercats, Panthro and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Warner Bros. Entertainment.



2 thoughts on “Panthro Pair Lightsabers (An update to Panthera)”

  1. Thanks Sean, I should have put another picture of Panthro in this post but if you look at the one of him on the Panthera Staff gallery you will see that his Nunchucks have two different coloured handles, red and blue. It’s these little details I like to try and add in, it’s even better when viewers pick up on them!

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